25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

NXT TakeOver: Chicago 2018 (Recap and results)

(Photo credit: Miguel Discart)

Time and time again, NXT shows us what truly great wrestling can be. At one TakeOver after another, we see them push the limits. There were only five matches on this two-and-a-half hour show, but they will likely prove to be better matches than most of the nine in tomorrow night's four-hour Money in the Bank event. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes NXT shine when compared to the main roster, but a lot of it comes down to focus. 

Week in and week out, it's clear that changes are made on the fly and poorly written or planned storylines fall flat. Look no further than Money in the Bank for plenty of examples. Meanwhile, NXT shows us what good storytelling can become despite having literally one fifth of the television time the main roster does. The second installment of NXT TakeOver: Chicago put this on display once again at every turn. It wasn't a perfect event, but the good heavily outweighed the bad.