Is Money in the Bank the final nail in the SD midcard coffin?

The consensus is that SmackDown has been the superior product to Raw since the return of the brand split. I'm not going to disagree with that - but since WrestleMania 33 and the Superstar Shakeup, it's hard to disagree that Raw has outshone SmackDown.

That's not to say that Raw has been must-see TV, of course - the truth is, the main roster as a whole is in something of a slump - but there's one thing that is really holding SmackDown back, and that's the lack of depth in their midcard.

This isn’t a new issue, however. Going back to the start of the year, the lack of midcard depth began to shine through in what was (in my opinion) one of the more egregious acts committed by SmackDown (and one which Raw was equally guilty of at the end of last year) – undoing the great work that had been done to build up the secondary title.

On the Raw side, when the US Championship was on Rusev, you believed it mattered to the Bulgarian Brute, that he was more than happy to snap Kalisto in half and embarrass Titus O’Neill in front of his children in the name of that belt. He dropped the title to Roman Reigns, who then immediately lost all interest in the title he held and set his sights straight to the Universal Championship.


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