IMPACT Wrestling set two huge matches for Wrestling MediaCon in UK

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After nearly three years, Impact Wrestling is finally returning to the UK for a live show at Wrestling MediaCon 2018 on Sunday, September 9th. After such a long absence, Impact is looking to make up for that with some truly epic matches already set for the night. We already know that current Impact Wrestling stars like Eli Drake, Matt Sydal, Trevor Lee, Su Yung, Eddie Edwards, Moose, and Rich Swann will be at the event. Now, we can add the Impact Tag Team Champions to that list.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) defend the Impact Tag Team Titles against Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm

There was understandable skepticism when Santana and Ortiz attempted to fill the shoes of Homicide and Hernandez as the new version of LAX, but those shoes have been filled and outgrown. Santana and Ortiz have been getting better and better, and recently had one of their best matches against The OGz (Homicide and Hernandez) at Impact's Slammiversary. They're young, hungry, resilient, and incredibly talented. 

As much of a roll as LAX has been on, they've got some legendary competition in the form of British high-flyers Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm. Both challengers are traveled veterans with over two decades of experience. While Fleisch and Storm were once rivals and each had some quieter years, they've been on fire as of late on the British and European wrestling scene. They've competed in IPW:UK, RevPro, and ICW just to name a few. Storm was the IPW:UK World Champion less than a year ago, and they captured the ACW Tag Team Titles around the same time. 

Impact Wrestling has continued to branch out to other independent promotions and form international partnerships in the last few years, and this has allowed countless previously thought impossible dream matches to take place. This one is certainly in that category, and it could be the only time we'll ever see this match. 

Hardcore icons collide as Sami Callihan takes on Jimmy Havoc

The second international dream match confirmed for Wrestling MediaCon will pit the UK's Jimmy Havoc against the USA's Sami Callihan. Both men are true hardcore icons who have shown a willingness to literally put their body on the line in the most brutal ways possible. Shockingly, in Callihan's 12 years of experience and Havoc's 14 years of experience, they have never faced off in singles competition. According to, they've only even shared the ring on two prior occasions. 

Both were involved in a 40-man "Battle Riot" with MLW last month, and they teamed with Marty Scurll to take on British Strong Style in the FCP Dream Tag Team Invitational last year. From what I can find, that's the only times they've even been in the same match. Now, these two violent men who made their mark over the past decade will finally collide in Manchester. While Impact Wrestling hasn't confirmed a match type, it's hard to imagine these two could be contained in an environment that allows a disqualification. 

While there isn't a lengthy history between these two, they've both proven themselves to be a few of the most vindictive and callous wrestlers today. If that history is any indication, one of these men may not even walk out of Manchester. Then again, if their tolerance for pain is any indication, it may take death itself to keep either man down. 

Tickets for Wrestling MediaCon 2018 are on sale now! Let us know who you want to see there in the comments below!

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