Impact Wrestling Recap and Results: The AAA invasion (September 21, 2017)

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He is angry

Johnny Impact beat Low Ki last week to become Number One Contender for the Impact Global Championship. Post-match, Chris Adonis and Impact Champion Eli Drake beat down Johnny Impact. Needless to say, the man who used to be Johnny Mundo was looking for Eli Drake. 

After calling out the champ, who Jeremy Borash and Josh Matthews both said was still in Mexico, out came KM dragging a referee. After Impact coined a new name for KM, douche rocket, KM challenged him to put his Number One Contendership on the line. 

One thing we know for certain, Johnny Impact can fly. I don’t know if it is special effects or a mental thing, but Johnny Impact sure seems to fly in slow motion sometimes. His Impact Elbow did KM in. KM, to his credit, looked more than decent in the match. If he can get away with the “Are you calling me a liar” gimmick, he could have a decent career.

More than just beautiful faces

Taya Valkyrie, Lucha royalty, announced she was here for one reason, the Knockouts Championship. After an easy defeat over Ava Storie, and a declaration of her intentions, Rosemary, comes down to confront the woman who beat her down last week. 

Rosemary dubbed Sienna the she-skunk, Laurel Van Ness the mad bride, and KM the speedbump. As Rosemary jumped Taya, Sienna comes down to beat on Rosemary. The three take turns beating on each other until Allie comes out and they all pair off. Taryn Terrell comes down. Nothing says I am here to kick some female butt like a bright blue tutu. 

Hall of Famer Gail Kim comes down and saves the other two faces. If there was ever a time for a six Knockouts tag match, Victory Road next week might be it.  


It seems like the Triple-A Promotion is going to try and invade the Impact Zone. El Texano Jr. Joined El Pagano and El Hijo del Fantasma to beat down EC3 and Eddie Edwards. A bull rope whipped across both of the Impact Superstars. If it was not for the Cowboy James Storm, the beating would have been more severe. Storm put his differences with Carter aside to save the company. He was a TNA Original and it seems like he may be the first line of defense in a potential AAA Invasion. 

In a backstage segment, it took three of those AAA guys to finally explain to Johnny Impact Eli Drake was not in the building and, in fact, in Mexico. So what does Impact do? The smart thing, of course, put his Number One Contendership on the line for the second time, because, reasons.

The second Number One Contenders' match was better than the first. Texano can really go, and without ever seeing an episode of Lucha Underground, I have a sneaky suspicion this is not the first time these two have been in the ring together. 

Well, that is one way to do it

Several people, including the fans, have claimed that the Impact has been recording too many shows at one time. So I guess one way to alleviate that is to send your Global Champion to Mexico. I mean, it is a free match that you wouldn't have to pay for, and it is good exposure.

That is exactly what Impact did. They sent Eli Drake to Tijuana, Mexico and the home of Triple-A. (Maybe Impact is planning an invasion of their own.) Drake defended the GFW Global Championship against Bronce. Bronce gave up a ton of size to Drake, and Drake played a good foreign heel in TJ. Eli Drake has shown improvement week after week and is becoming one of the bigger stars on the Impact roster. 

The longer Drake holds onto that GFW Global Championship, the better for him. He faces a tough test next week at the Impact Special, Victory Road, from the Impact Zone on PopTV, when he faces Johnny Impact. 

Quick Hits:

- Frankly, KM sucks on the mic, and I am not calling him a liar.-Taya Valkyrie is as frightening in the ring as beautiful as she is outside of the ring, and in the ring, she is Pennywise scary.-oVe! are either crazy or stupid for going into the belly of the beast and finding LAX’s clubhouse.-Global Forged, the Impact Wrestling equivalent of the original version of NXT, is intriguing and could be a stand-alone show.-Johnny Impact put his number one contendership on the line, twice. Neither time made any sense.-I hope Shera has a good doctor because having Kongo Kong come off the top rope and land on you will result in major injuries.-Laurel Van Ness looks a damn sight better in a form-fitting dress than a tattered wedding gown. Here is to hoping she finds herself a man.-Karen Jarrett just may be the worst authority figure to deal with the Knockouts since Brooke Hogan.

Quote of the night:

“I am in the 300 club in every school I have ever attended. You’re in the Subway Club.”Josh Matthews to Jeremy Borash.

Card Recap:

Johnny Impact def. KM via pinfall to retain number one contendership for the GFW Global Championship 3.5 STARSTaya Valkyrie def. Ava Storie via pinfall SQUASHEl Pagano and El Hijo del Fantasma def. Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake via pinfall 2.5 STARSKongo Kong def. Mahabali Shera via pinfall 2 STARSJohnny Impact def. El Texano via pinfall 3.75 STARSEli Drake def. Bronce via pinfall to retain the GFW Global Championship 2.5 STARS

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