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Impact Wrestling Recap and Results: Bound for Glory materialized (October 19, 2017)

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Revenge is so sweet

After Chris Adonis snapped some lumber over the head of Johnny Impact last week, it was Impact who was out for blood. Looking for revenge, Impact took on Chris Adonis in the opening match of the show. After Johnny got off to a fast start, Chris Adonis took over and even managed to get Impact into the Adonis Lock. However, Impact was able to escape the hold and continue his onslaught on Adonis, the right-hand man of Impact Global Champion Eli Drake. After hitting the Impact Elbow, a spectacularly impossible looking 450 elbow drop, he picked up the win. 

After the match, Eli Drake came to the ring only to get nailed with a spear. Impact proceeded to literally beat the pants off Drake. Once Adonis rejoined the fray, the numbers advantage put Impact back on the mat as Eli Drake, in his underwear now, continued to assault the number one contender for his Global Championship. Garza Jr finally made his way to the ring and made the save, sending Drake and Adonis packing. 

A five-some in Cancun

Five men fought in the Hard Rock in Cancun, Mexico. El Hijo del Fantasma, El Texano, James Storm, Eddie Edwards, and Ethan Carter III squared off in the six-sided ring south of the border. It was an every man for himself match, but turned into a three on two tornado tag team match, as the Impact guys (EC3, Storm, and Eddie Edwards) played the heels in front of the partisan crowd.

As these things tend to go, ego gets in the way. Team Impact broke down, and the match went to what was intended, every man for themselves. El Texano convinced James Storm to go after the original Fantasma, who was at the commentary table, with a steel chair, but his attack was thwarted by the second generation Fantasma. Texano managed to cold cock Fantasma and pin an already down EC3 for an opportunistic victory. 

We are Trevor?


Once enemies, Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett, are now teaming with Caleb Konley, making one of the most head scratching and weird stables in professional wrestling. The “Cult of Lee” was in full force as Konley and Lee accompanied Andrew Everett to ringside as he took on the 2017 Super X Cup Champion, Dezmond Xavier.

Xavier held is own, despite being outnumbered. After a back-and-forth match, Xavier landed a huge back handspring kick to garner the pinfall over Konley. It appears Xavier and Lee are on a collision course for Bound for Glory. 

Dan Lambert is the biggest wrestling fan ever?

I have not been high on the storyline between Impact Wrestling and American Top Team. The promo Dan Lambert cut may have changed that. Apparently, he has Bruno Sammartino’s original WWWF Championship, the Road Warriors former belt, Ric Flair’s first belt, and has been involved in wrestling for decades. After berating the fans about how big of a fan he is, Lambert called out Moose and Stephan Bonnar. 

When Moose and "The American Psycho" arrived, Lashley rushed them from behind on the ramp and ATT proceeded to lay waste to everyone in sight. Security came out to break it up and failed. Referees came out to break it up and failed. Mahabali Shera, Caleb Konley, and Andrew Everett came out to break it up and failed. American Top Team sent a clear message, and Dan Lambert may have just become one of the better heels in the company thanks to a single segment. 

Quick Hits

  • Alberto El Patron, Abyss, and the Monsters’ Ball match all return at Bound for Glory.
  • oVe! is back in Tijuana, because……..reasons. They defended their titles in Crash in a very entertaining match. Konnan then had about 10 dudes beat them up for their troubles. 
  • Taryn Terrell is out of Bound for Glory. The Knockouts Championship is now a three-way dance, with Allie and Gail Kim challenging Sienna. 
  • Taya Valkyrie got a win over Rosemary, but got a red mist after the match when she tried to continue her beatdown. These two will finally settle their issues at Bound for Glory.

Card Recap:

  • Johnny Impact def. Chris Adonis via pinfall 3 STARS
  • El Texano def. Ethan Carter III, James Storm, Eddie Edwards, and El Hijo del Fantasma via pinfall 3.25 STARS
  • oVe! def. Black Danger and Black Diamond via pinfall 4 STARS
  • Taya Valkyrie def. Rosemary via pinfall 4 STARS