How to change hair in WWE 2K23

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WWE 2K23 Drew McIntyre

WWE 2K23 offers plenty of customization options, and being able to change the hair of your superstar is one of them.

Despite not seeming very important, the hair of a superstar plays a significant role in their character, and how the fans perceive them.

So, without further ado, let's check how to change hair in WWE 2K23.

How To Change Hair In WWE 2K23

As mentioned above, WWE 2K23 provides fans with plenty of ways to edit superstar appearances.

You can change their attires, which can completely transform their image.

Edit their ring entrance, and even change their theme music.

All of these options give players total control, and also help them get more immersed in the game.

Just like the features mentioned above, changing the hairstyle of your superstar is also possible in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 How To Change Your Hair
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Short hair can make some wrestlers more intimidating

Many times, the hair of a superstar embodies their personality and is a way for them to express themselves to the WWE Universe.

Short hair might make a superstar more intimidating, while a mohawk might represent their rebel and free spirit.

This is why a wrestler's hairstyle is very important since it can make his character even more credible.

Changing your hairstyle in WWE 2K23 is actually pretty simple.

To do it, just go to the creations tab in the main menu, and select the edit custom superstar option

WWE 2K23 How To Change Your Hair
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Bianca Belair's unique hairstyle makes her stand out from other superstars

Then, select your superstar and click on attire.

Choose the edit attire option, click on appearance, and then click on the Hair & Facial Parts option.

After, simply select the Hair option, and chose one of the many different hairstyles available.

Worth noting that, you can only change the hairstyle of custom superstars.

For superstars that come in the base game, you can only dye their hair.

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