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Enzo Amore: Why the Certified G must win at TLC

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Success has forced him to work better

Though people on the current roster are not a fan of this, the alleged backstage heat has ironically rewarded Enzo Amore with a mega push. The push which saw him be part of the cruiserweight division has done wonders for 205 Live.

Enzo has turned what was supposed to be a punishment into a more entertaining product not only for the dead blocks of Monday nights but also of the fatigue of the live audience on Tuesday nights. Though Enzo might be saying he is the reason 205 Live became relevant for the sake of a good promo, that might just be the case based on statistics.

He still might not be the most gifted in-ring competitor, but unlike top superstars like Jinder Mahal or Braun Strowman, Enzo has transformed his limited move set into good in-ring storytelling which makes his matches more convincing now than they ever were when he was a tag team specialist.

Repairing a tainted image

If you call yourself a "Certified G", you shouldn't be booked to be ragdolled around and beaten up to a pulp regardless of disadvantages, right? Whether it was backstage heat or just plain poor booking, it doesn't take a PHD to understand that a supposed gangster with a bad boy image shouldn't be seen getting disrespected and humiliated.

A shady victory is okay as it shows hustle on the part of the Certified G but being overpowered by the very people he beat isn't a very convincing performance. However, Enzo's recent recruitment of the division's heels as hired guns has helped add credibility to his threat as a contender.

If rumors are true, we may have already lost the division's king, so what better way to move forward than to put the new top heel in charge?


Making 205 Live great (again?)

The Cruiserweight Classic was already great and entertaining which is why the WWE followed through with 205 Live as its supposed continuation. The show had a lot of promise but lost its steam due to the fact that its performers were too indie for WWE content as performers focused too much on the wrestling part rather than developing a certain character.

The arrival of Neville as he successfully established himself as a kingly character was a good start as guys like Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa followed suit. Enzo Amore's arrival to the division undeniably skyrocketed 205 Live's viewership as his charisma happens to light up every arena every time he opens his mouth.

Having Enzo hold the division's top prize would only mean that he would be receiving the top storylines and would continue his relevance regardless of ugly writing and booking. To put it metaphorically, Enzo is like that alarm after you hit the snooze button with the only difference being that the alarm sounds off on Tuesday nights.

But will he win the Cruiserweight Title at TLC?

The cruiserweight division is currently undergoing some major drama with the whole Neville situation which might affect how the title match at TLC goes. Kalisto winning the title from Enzo was a product of rushed booking as part of Neville's alleged departure.

We already had one surprising title change in the past where the title changed hands on a weekly episode only to return to its former holder the night of the pay-per-view. We could possibly see the same happening at TLC should Enzo win the Cruiserweight Title back from Kalisto.

Given how they are potentially building up a cruiserweight slot for Survivor Series where the heels team up with Enzo as their captain, it makes sense to put the belt back on Enzo for a while. Doing such would also give the babyface team a more underdog feel shall they push through with such booking for Survivor Series.

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