25 Sep 2020 5:20 PM +00:00

Cruiserweight Classic: Who is Clement Petiot?

As we draw closer to WWE’s much anticipated “Cruiserweight Classic” we here at Real Sport are taking a look at some of the competitors that WWE have handpicked from around the world.

Today the man in the spotlight is Clement Petiot.

Where He Wrestles

While his experience within the United States is scarce at best, Petiot, also known as Tristan Archer, has made quite the name for himself around Europe. Petiot has held the ECTA Heavyweight Championship, ICW Heavyweight Championship, ICWA France Heavyweight Championship, and even competed with the likes of Chris Hero in the GBP Light Heavyweight Tournament. Now, Petiot looks for a new beginning as he sets his sights on the Cruiserweight Classic.


The easiest way to get an idea of what a competitor will be like in the ring is to look at who trained him, and they don’t get much better than Lance Storm and Joey Ryan. Storm is one of the most calculated technical wrestlers to have ever stepped inside the ring, and combining that with the potential of even a tiny sliver of Joey Ryan’s charisma rubbing off on you can make a deadly combination. Petiot is a technician at heart, but his striking ability is not to be underestimated.

ExpectationsAs far as how he performs, Petiot should give us a technical showcase if he's learned anything at all from Lance Storm, but he probably won't make it past round one. This Frenchman is up against ROH-veteran Cedric Alexander, who is one of the most gifted athletes in the business today. There's very little likelihood that he'll be able to pull off the upset in round one.