25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

Caps Locks and Chair Shots, S2E2: The Superstar Shake-up, GRR, and more! (podcast)

In the second episode of season two of the Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast:

The dudes break down all of the moves of the Superstar Shake-up. Which brand won? Which brand lost? Who is the biggest name to switch sides? What dream matches can come from this? Tune in for Jaime's take, as he makes perhaps the worst possible match in pro wrestling history. I mean, it could be worse than Buff Bagwell versus Booker T, and that one killed WCW for real.

You can also hear Jaime update us on who Cedric Alexander's potential challenger for the Cruiserweight Championship could be at the Greatest Royal Rumble. (We spend a lot of time on the Greatest Royal Rumble.) He gives a rousing update on NXT as well, and predicts a possible dusty finish for a huge upcoming match?

You can hear the dudes make their picks for the WWE Network special, The Greatest Royal Rumble. In a show that will come live from Saudi Arabia on Friday, here who Dan, Jaime, and Ed pick to win the 50-Man Rumble, and find out who they think will be Universal Champion. I will give you a hint, it is not an obvious pick. They also break down what could come from this. Be sure to tune in and listen to the level of disgust in Dan's voice as he is told what the prize for the winner will be.

Speaking of Dan, he fills everyone in on a promotion few are watching, but they should. 

Ed brings us up to speed on the latest Impact PPV, Redemption. It was hailed as one of the best Impact PPV's in years, which isn't saying a lot as of late, but it truly had it all. From Scott Steiner doing math, to domestic violence, to some of the best multi-man match wrestling Impact has to offer. 

And finally, in a heartfelt moment, hear the dudes give four celebrities a proper send off and give their thoughts and prayers to those affected by the recent tragedy in Toronto. All of this, and much, much more, on Season two, episode two, of the Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast.