BREAKING: WWE announces first ever all-women’s PPV event called “Evolution”

WWE made a groundbreaking announcement today about plans for their first ever all-women's event!

(Photo credit: Miguel Discart)

There was hype, and appropriate speculation, about just what WWE would unleash to open Monday Night Raw with Stephanie McMahon’s “big announcement.” While there were educated guesses, it wasn’t official until the words came from the mouth of WWE’s Chief Branding Officer and Commissioner of Raw. 

It's official. On October 28th, WWE will bring us their first ever all-women's event from the Nassau Coliseum in New York. While details are scarce so far, four potential matches for the event were confirmed by Michael Cole on commentary. 

The Raw Women's Championship, SmackDown Women's Championship, and NXT Women's Championship will all be defended that night. 

On top of those huge matches, the night will feature the finals of the second annual Mae Young Classic, an all-women's tournament that airs on the WWE Network. 

While that's literally all that's known about the event, we can already expect something special. WWE's push in the last few years for the evolution of women's wrestling has included lots of special moments and featuring of former superstars. 

It wouldn't be surprising for WWE to bring in a few veterans for a match or even a battle royal to honor the history of women's wrestling that led to this moment. There is also speculation about WWE announcing tag team titles just for the women's division, but that's nothing more than a rumor so far. 

While it can certainly be argued that a women's-only event is a small step in the road to equality in the world of sports entertainment, it's still a good one. Despite WWE's glaring flaws regarding women's issues in the past, this is a truly historic moment where credit is due to every woman who stepped in the ring leading up to this moment. It was their passion and skill that made this possible, so focus your kudos on them. 

As more details become available about this event, we'll give it a more complete rundown closer to October 28. 

What do you think of WWE's first ever women's-only event? Let us know in the comments below!

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