"At the time, it sucked": Impact Wrestling's Eddie Edwards on the infamous bat shot, his rivalry with oVe, and more [EXCLUSIVE]

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(Photo credit: Impact Wrestling)

With Impact Wrestling continuing to make their present felt in the United Kingdom, RealSport got to speak with former Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards earlier this week. Edwards talked about working with companies like Lucha Underground and Pro Wrestling NOAH, his heated feud with Sami Callihan and oVe, and more.

On working with Davey Richards, Tommy Dreamer, and the infamous bat shot


RealSport: We last spoke in February of 2017, at which point you were firmly in the hunt for the Impact World Championship. Unfortunately, Davey Richards got in the way of that. What’s it been like working with your former tag team partner? 

Eddie Edwards: You know, it was cool. It was sad. It was bittersweet, I’d say. Because, you know, we loved tagging together. That’s basically what got us to where we were at Impact [Wrestling]. We had so much history as a tag team, so we of course loved doing that, and so it was kinda sad to see the split happen. Although you know it’s the world of professional wrestling, you kind of assume or you kinda know at some point there’s gonna be a bit of a split. I couldn’t ask to work a more talented guy than Davey Richards. Going up against him, any time, it’s something cool because we have so much respect for each other and it just kinda forces you to bring out the best in not only ourselves but we helped bring it out in each other. So that was cool, and then you also have Angelina Love coming in, and then my wife Alisha [Edwards] as well. So it was cool to have us two as couples kinda going at it, but I would love to see us at some point tag again, because our tag team of course holds a very special place in my heart. 

RS: When your wife Alisha entered the fray and things ramped up, it culminated in that hardcore Full Metal Mayhem match. What was it like working a match like that alongside your wife? 

EE: Unique? That’s for sure. A little bit different, you know. It was cool because for so long we’ve done our own thing, you know? We obviously met through professional wrestling, so we had that history, and for so long I would do my events and she would do her stuff. We would occasionally do some smaller independent shows together, but then I went to Impact and she wasn’t a part of it. So when they brought her in, when she was able to come in, that was awesome because we’ve always wanted to do that. We’ve just never had the opportunity. So when the opportunity presented itself, it’s like, oh hell yeah! Let’s jump on this. Let’s make the best of this. So it was cool to see the way she was brought in, and then how it slowly turned into this hatred heated feud [and] it turns into this Full Metal Mayhem match. If you’re gonna be thrown into the deep end, that’s one way to do it. It’s kinda like sink or swim time, and I’m happy to say she swam real good. She took the ball and ran with it, because that’s obviously a big opportunity for her. It’s the biggest match that she’s had and that we’ve had altogether as well. So it’s like, here you go. Full Metal Mayhem. Pay per view. Go out there and kill it, and don’t screw up. And luckily it turned out well. I was super proud of how well she did. I was proud of what we all did in there really. 

RS: Now I have to address the elephant in the room, the infamous bat shot you received from Sami Callihan. Now that some time has passed, with the benefit of hindsight, how do you feel looking back on that moment?