An Ode to 2 Cold Scorpio

To celebrate the 52nd birthday of 2 Cold Scorpio, we look back on the career of a competitor who seemed to be everywhere in the '90s.

It doesn’t matter if you know him as 2 Cold Scorpio or Flash Funk. If you were a fan of wrestling in the ’90s, you knew who Charles Scaggs is. His high-flying style and natural charisma made him a fan favorite. However, not all was rainbows and lollipops for Scorpio. Between admitted drug use, repeated hits to the head, and characters that bordered on racist, many issues would keep Scorpio from reaching the heights he was capable of.

The dude worked everywhere

Throughout his career, Scorpio competed in ECW, WCW, WWF/WWE, TNA, and even in Japan. He saw action everywhere in the world, and delighted fans with his version of the 450 splash, which he was an innovator of, and tons of other top rope maneuvers. While he sometimes dressed as a pimp, or in blue spandex with aluminum foil lighting, he was the highlight of every show.

In an interview in 2004, he admitted to a severe drug problem while he wrestled with "the big boys." He lamented that his drug abuse might have shortened his career in the WWF. In later years, he also joined a class action lawsuit against the WWE over repeated hits to the head and neurological side effects from the trauma. While he now makes sporadic appearances throughout the country, his career, which started in 1985, is pretty much over today.


In his career, Scorpio would see his greatest success in ECW. He would become ECW Tag Team Champion with The Sandman and a four-time ECW Television Champion. He would capture the WCW Tag Titles with none other than Buff Bagwell. In the WWF, he was so far away from gold that he was even a part of Al Snow's J.O.B. squad. Scorpio would win titles in various other promotions, but his greatest exposure was with the WWF, and his greatest success was at the Bingo Hall in the city of Brotherly Love. 

Perhaps one of the biggest things he was ever involved in was the night ECW was born. For those of you who do not know, before they were Extreme Championship Wrestling, ECW stood for Eastern Championship Wrestling. It was a member of the dying NWA.

The NWA held a tournament to crown the new NWA World Champion. It just so happened that this tournament was held in the "World Famous ECW Arena" on August 27, 1994. Long story short, Scorpio lost the final match to Shane Douglas. Douglas would proceed to throw down the legendary NWA Championship and proclaim himself the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion. 

The music made the man

One thing we can say about Scorpio is he had some of the coolest entrance themes in history. Whether he came out to Tone Loc's "Wild Thing", "Whoop (There it is)", or "Jungle Boogie" by Kool & The Gang, his music was always on point. Even the generic stuff he had with the WWF and WCW was on the upper level of music for that time frame. 

According to Paul Heyman, it was his connection with music that helped fund ECW. As the much-abridged story goes, Scorpio had a deal where he was basically sponsored. ECW would get paid every time Scorpio appeared on TV. When Vince wanted Scorpio (who would be named Flash Funk while in WWE), ECW would be losing that revenue. Vince covered the difference. 

2 Cold Scorpio had talent coming out of his eye balls. He was one of the first American high-fliers to sail around the ring for major promotions. The moves he could perform, specifically, the one he created, the 450 Splash, is one of the most beautiful and impactful moves coming off the top rope. While he was drastically under utilized, in some part due to his own demons, what could have been if Flash Funk or 2 Cold Scorpio got the push that his talent deserved? All we can do is use our imagination, and that, is pretty cool.

What are your favorite moments from the career of 2 Cold Scorpio? Let us know in the comments below!

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