5 must-see Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground matches

With the partnership between Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground in full swing, which potential dream matches top the list?

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With Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground’s partnership in full force, including Pentagon Jr being the reigning Impact World Champion, there are plenty of possible matches fans are clamoring for. The first glimpse of these possibilities came at WrestleCon earlier this year where several cross-promotional matches were held, but that was only a taste of what could be on the horizon.

The collaboration between the two promotions opens up plenty of possibilities, but these five stand out as must-see crossover matches between the brands. While some of these matches may have been seen before on the independent circuit, nothing compares to a televised rivalry that culminates in a heated match. 

  1. 1 Brian Cage vs Scott Steiner

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    I can already hear the skepticism about this match. "But Scott Steiner is so old," you're screaming. While it's true that Steiner isn't the competitor he once was, he's looked surprisingly good in recent appearances. From his match at WrestleCon to the tag team with Eli Drake, Steiner has been truly reinvigorated. He's as jacked as ever, and it's downright impressive to see a 55-year-old man hit a Frankensteiner off the top. 

    While Brian Cage tends to dominate his opponents, he might meet a proper peer when it comes to power in the form of "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner. While this certainly wouldn't be a technical classic, it would be a spectacle fans should absolutely enjoy. In the same "what if" vein as Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar, this is the kind of match that's worth seeing just out of sheer curiosity. 

  2. 2 Grado vs Joey Ryan

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    This would be an absolute joy for fans of comedic wrestling. Despite some logically inconsistent storylines in Impact, specifically that lengthy period where Grado tried to marry Laurel Van Ness for US citizenship only to realize she was Canadian, there's no denying how fun Grado is as a competitor. He takes a goofy look and an imperfect physique and turns them into charismatic entertainment. 

    While Joey Ryan hasn't appeared in Impact since the partnership began, even non-wrestling fans know him due to the infamous viral dick flip. Ryan can be both comedic and sleazy, and something as simple as him going after Grado's new girlfriend could produce some truly hilarious moments between the two. The match would be an odd mix of styles, but one that fans would surely enjoy. 

  3. 3 Ivelisse vs Sienna

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    Another familiar Lucha Underground face who has yet to debut in Impact Wrestling is Ivelisse. However, that hasn't stopped her from starting her own rivalry at Ladies Night Out II against Impact's Kiera Hogan. The woman who calls herself "La Sicaria" has been a constant threat in Lucha Underground. Ivelisse has no shortage of confidence, and she backs it up at every turn. 

    Meanwhile, Sienna spent 126 days in 2017 dominating the women's division as the Impact Knockouts Champion. Sienna had memorable clashes with Rosemary, Allie, and Gail Kim just to name a few examples. Moreover, Sienna may be one of the few competitors who has more confidence than Ivelisse. A head-on collision between these women would be a sight to behold, and could turn into more a fight than a wrestling match. 


  4. 4 Matt Sydal vs Shane Strickland

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    While he's known as Killshot in Lucha Underground, the former CZW Champion and current LU Trios Champion would likely debut in Impact as Shane Strickland. If there's anyone from Lucha Underground who would be a perfect fit for the high-energy X-Division, it's definitely Strickland. While he's proven himself to have plenty of resilience and willingness to get hardcore, Strickland's true strength comes in his lightning quick agility and explosiveness. 

    Meanwhile, the perfect foil would be current X-Division Champion Matt Sydal. Along with his own top tier athleticism, Sydal also has nearly a decade more experience than Strickland. Despite the age gap, Sydal is as explosive as he's ever been. If you've seen both of these men compete, the potential for an almost Ospreay-Ricochet esque clash is clear. There's no doubt that these two would give the fans something absolutely unforgettable. 

  5. 5 Drago vs Rosemary

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    This selection may confuse even more people than my suggestion to pit Scott Steiner against Brian Cage. Despite the surface objections some might have, intergender wrestling can be truly special when done properly. If the story is right, it opens up the possibilities and gives fans something truly unique. 

    There is one huge thing that both Rosemary and Drago have in common. They're both eternally committed to their characters. From Drago's seemingly supernatural tongue to Rosemary's unsettling stride, it's the bizarre individuality of both competitors that makes this a truly exceptional possibility. 

    Rosemary has shown herself unwilling to back down from any fight, and the mystique of Drago could be explored here in countless ways. While this may seem like the least likely option on this list, it could also be the most interesting if given the chance to happen. 

What Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground matches do you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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