Wuthering Waves Changli Build Guide

Changli in Wuthering Waves
Credit: Kuro Games

Changli in Wuthering Waves
Credit: Kuro Games

Changli is the cunning mentor to Jinshi, the Jinzhou Magistrate, and according to everything we know about her, she is set to take Wuthering Waves by storm.

The fiery five-star sword-wielding character relies on Fusion Element for damage. According to reports, she will be the center stage of the second half of the version 1.1 update.

While the exact release date remains under wraps, Changli will be a highly desirable character in Wuthering Waves.

Changli Kit and Overview

What sets Changli apart from other Resonators is her True Sight mechanic which lets you deal a fantastic amount of damage to enemies across the battlefield.

As mentioned above, Changli's combat prowess revolves around a unique state called True Sight. Here's how to activate it and leverage its benefits:

  • Perform a four-hit combo with Basic Attacks while grounded or mid-air.
  • Utilize Changli's Resonance Skill and Tripartite Flames.
  • Activate Changli's Intro Skill, Obedience of Rules.

The True Sight state transforms Changli into a fearsome hero, increasing the power of basic attacks and making it a true Resonance Skill DMG.

Basic Attack (Blazing Entanglement)

Perform up to 4 consecutive attacks, dealing Fusion DMG. After releasing Ground Basic Attack Stage 4, Changli enters True Sight, lasting for 12 seconds.

Tripartite Flames (Resonance Skill)

After releasing Resonance Skill, Changli rapidly attacks the enemy and enters True Sight, lasting for 12s. In the end, Changli releases a Plunging Attack, dealing Fusion DMG.

Changli in Wuthering Waves
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Credit: Kuro Games

Radiance of Fealty (Resonance Liberation)

Deal Fusion DMG to nearby targets, obtaining 4 stacks of [Enflamement], and entering Fiery Feather.

Fiery Feather

When Changli releases Heavy Attack Flaming Sacrifice within 10 seconds, her ATK is increased by 25%, after which Fiery Feather ends.

Flaming Vow (Changli Forte Circuit)

When Changli uses Heavy Attack she carries and consumes all 4 stacks of Enflamement to release Flaming Sacrifice, which deals with Fusion DMG. This is equal to Resonance Skill DMG.

Obedience of Rules (Intro Skill)

Changli lunges forward, dealing Fusion DMG and entering True Sight upon contact.

Strategy of Duality (Outro Skill)

Boosts the switched-in character's Fusion DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG for a short duration.

Changli Best Weapons

Changli is all about attack and to maximize the damage output, she needs powerful weapons. There are a few you can use for Changli, but here are the best ones:

5- Star: Blazing Brilliance

Changli's signature weapon, Blazing Brilliance, reigns supreme. It boasts a high ATK% sub stat, a decent CRIT Rate boost, and a powerful weapon skill that significantly enhances her Resonance Skill DMG.

While the ATK% sub-stat might seem unconventional, remember Changi's high base ATK. The weapon skill compensates for CRIT Rate by increasing Resonance Skill DMG based on stacks.

Wuthering Waves Changli Key Art
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Credit: Wuthering Waves

5-Star: Emerald of Genesis

If you don’t possess Blazing Brilliance, Emerald of Genesis (shines) is an alternative. Its CRIT Rate sub-stat directly benefits Changli's damage potential.

Skill Synergy: The weapon skill complements Changli's gameplay by stacking ATK buffs upon using her Resonance Skill.

4-Star: Lumingloss

If you are up for a reserve weapon, then the 4-star Lumingloss reigns supreme in this category. Its skill provides a significant boost to both Basic and Heavy Attack DMG, aligning perfectly with Changli's True Sight state.

Other options include Commando of Conviction, Lunar Cutter, or even Sword of Night, which is a decent F2P option with an ATK buff triggered by the Intro Skill.

Changli Best Echo Set

Changli is a Fusion damage dealer and the right Echoes can significantly increase the output. Here are some of the best Echo sets for Changli:

Molten Rift (4-Piece Set): The undisputed champion, this set offers a flat 10% Fusion DMG boost and a staggering 30% increase for 15 seconds after using her Resonance Skill.

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Wuthering Waves Changli Trailer Footage
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Inferno Rider (Main Echo) and 4-Piece Molten Rift: For players who haven't acquired the full set yet, using Inferno Rider as the main Echo with any combination of 4 Molten Rift pieces offers a strong alternative.

2-Piece Molten Rift + 2-Piece Lingering Tunes: This hybrid option provides a balance between raw Fusion DMG and overall ATK buffs.

For substats, you will want to focus on Crit Rate, crit dmg, fusion dmg, and ATK%.

Changli Forte Priorities

When it comes to upgrading Changli's skills and abilities in Wuthering Waves, this is what you need to follow:

  1. Forte Circuit
  2. Resonance Liberation
  3. Resonance Skill
  4. Basic Attack
  5. Intro Skill

Changli Best Teams

Changli is your new five-star DPS character and with her unique skills she can thrive in that role, but only if she is backed by a quality team, especially a healer. Here are some ideas to experiment with:

Main DPS

  • Changli


  • Yinlin
  • Jianxin
  • Mortefi


  • Verina

With this, we conclude our Changli build guide. Make sure you get all the items and follow every tip for Changli we have shared with you in this guide.

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