Should You Pull for Changli or Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves 1.1?

Changli and Jinshi in Wuthering Waves
Credit: Kuro Games

Changli and Jinshi in Wuthering Waves
Credit: Kuro Games

The upcoming Wuthering Waves 1.1 update has players facing a tough decision, with the question of Jinhsi or Changli being in everyone's mind. Both are 5-star characters with high DPS potential arriving with limited-time banners, tempting players to spend their hard-earned pulls.

Is Spectro Queen going to replace your Rover or are you more of a Fusion damage buff? Both of these characters have their perks, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, making it pretty hard to decide which one is the best for your team.

Should You Pull for Jinhsi?

Jinhsi is a Spectro champion whose primary weapon is a broadblade. When she becomes available she is set to overtake the regin as the queen of damage dealers. Her combat style is all about perfect and unique combos that end up in explosive Resonance Skill.

What you want to do is maximize her Incandescence stacks, but with the lack of a Spectro support character, you will need a whole team built around Jinhsi to unleash her full power.

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Credit: Kuro Games

To truly unleash Jinhsi's fury, her signature weapon, Ages of Harvest, is practically irreplaceable. This weapon is tailor-made for her fighting style and offers a significant boost in damage output compared to alternative options.

Jinhsi is a future star of your Wuthering Waves adventure and there is no doubt about it. If you master her combos and get the right weapon, there is no stopping her.

The Unison effect lets you use Intro and Outro skills far more often than other resonators, and the damage multipliers are simply insane when you get the right items and Echo sets for her. The only thing you might be concerned about Jinhsi is the lack of a dedicated support character for Spectro units.

Should You Pull for Changli?

Changli is a 5-star Fusion Resonator wielding Swords. She is poised to bring versatility to the battlefield when she lands in the second half of the Wuthering Waves 1.1 update.

This is because, unlike Jinhsi, Changli isn’t a one-trick pony. She can adapt to your needs and play both as a main DPS and a sub-DPS. As a main DPS, her core damage revolves around her Resonance Skill, which activates a state called True Sight.

In this state, her basic attacks transform into enhanced versions that count as Resonance Skill damage. Additionally, her Heavy Attack can buff her attack and also deal Resonance Skill damage. This unique mechanic sets her apart from the rest of the similar DPS characters.

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Credit: Kuro Games

However, Changli truly shines in her ability to support the team as a sub-DPS. She can buff Fusion characters with special effects and provide additional damage boosts through Resonance Liberation DMG. This flexibility makes her a valuable asset to various team compositions, meaning you won't have to scramble to build a specific team around her.

It's important to note that Changli's strength as a main DPS comes with a caveat. Her combos tend to be longer compared to Jinhsi, which can potentially impact her overall damage output.

Additionally, while she can function well as the main attacker, she doesn't necessarily become the core of the team in that role. To truly unlock her full potential as a sub-DPS, characters like Encore (who isn't available to everyone yet) are ideal teammates to benefit from her buffs.

She can switch between main DPS and sub-DPS roles, making her a valuable addition to diverse teams.

Should You Pull for Changli or Jinhsi?

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While Changli and Jinhsi seem similar at first, they are still very different, and we don’t mean just the element. Choosing one of these Resonators depends on various factors, including your playstyle, team compositions, and how you want to continue your Wuthering Waves adventure.

Here are some hints to help you decide:

Pull of Jinhsi if:

  • You want a powerful main DPS with Spectro damage. She has the potential of the highest damage in the game.
  • You want to take your skills and understanding of the game to a higher level as combos and Incandescence stacks are key to Jinhsi.
  • If you can get a hold of Ages of Harvest, the choice is easy.
  • If you have a great supporting cast.

Pull for Changli if:

  • If you don’t have a Fusion character since she is a great Main DPS and Sub-DPS.
  • If you want a duo-DPS as Changli excels in this setup with her long combos and on-field DPS time.
  • Changli can buff other characters so if you have Chixia or Encore on your team, Changlis is another great addition.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your preferences. While Changli seems like an option with more solutions, Jinhsi is the one that will bring all the explosions to the screen, but only if you master her combat system.

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