How to Get the Emerald of Genesis Sword in Wuthering Waves

Emerald of Genesis Sword in Wuthering Waves

Emerald of Genesis Sword in Wuthering Waves

Kuro Games' Wuthering Waves offers a spread of great standard weapons that empower your favorite Resonators to unleash devastating attacks, and the Emerald of Genesis sword happens to be one of the game's best.

Developed by Kuro Games, the creators of Punishing Gray Raven, Wuthering Waves presents an expansive world for players to traverse, brimming with hidden treasures, tough riddles, and formidable enemies called Tacet Discords.

To conquer these challenges and level up your characters, building a strong team with powerful weapons is key!

How to Get the Emerald of Genesis Sword in Wuthering Waves

The Emerald of Genesis sword in Wuthering Waves is exclusively available through the Weapon Permanent Convene. Being a five-star Sword, it is highlighted as one of the weapons in the banner, requiring up to 80 pulls to acquire it.

However, here, you can forget the worry of the pesky 50/50. Wuthering Waves' standard weapon banner features a selector that allows you to choose your desired five-star weapon right from the get-go.

Emerald of Genesis Sword in Wuthering Waves
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Emerald of Genesis Sword

Simply choose the Emerald of Genesis as your designated Target Weapon in the Standard Convene menu, and continue summoning until you successfully obtain the weapon. Within 80 pulls, you are guaranteed to receive the Emerald of Genesis.

The Emerald of Genesis proves to be a perfect weapon for sword-wielding characters and is particularly effective for resonators such as Rover Danjin, and the upcoming Jinhsi.

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