Leonard Albao
Leonard Albao

Leonard Albao

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My name is Leonard, and I am the most dedicated Gangplank main in my region.

Gangplank's Peculiar Spot in the Meta – Part 1

Today, we take a look and examine a champion that once dominated the meta - Gangplank!

Three Things we learned from Week 8 of NA LCS

Week 8 has ended and the Spring Split is almost over, what did we learn from this past week's action!
With Playoffs just around the corner, we take a look at a possible top contender: Splyce!
Warwick is the most recent champion to get a rework. Are the new changes enough to bring him into the competitive scene?

LoL NA LCS Week 1 Trends: Camille Permabanned

The first week of NA LCS has ended! We take a look at particular trends and try analyze them within!

2016 All-Star Event: Day 4 Recap

Find out which team reigned supreme on the last day of the LoL All-Stars!

2016 All-Star Event: Day 3 Recap LCK Topples EU

Day 3 has ended! Find out which teams came out on top with our recap!

All-Star 2016 Event: Day 2 Recap

Upsets abound! Find out what happened during Day 2 of the All-Star Event!

LoL 2016 Team Fire & Team Ice All-Star Event: Day 1 Recap

Team Fire and Team Ice battle for supremacy at the All-Star Event in Barcelona, Spain!

The Smiling Turtle: WildTurtle’s Homecoming to TSM

WildTurtle has recently been announced as the starting AD Carry for Team SoloMid. Will he be able to reclaim his former glory?

League of Legends: What is next for the Jungle God Bengi?

One of only two players (the other one being Faker) to have won 3 World Championships, what is next for the jungling powerhouse that is Bengi?
The competitive scene has given birth to junglers that have insane mechanics (inSec and Peanut), to junglers with amazing jungle and vision control (DanDy and Bengi). Who ranks as Number 1!
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