WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset COUNTDOWN: Servers Down, Patch Notes, Great Vault, World Boss & more

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WoW Shadowlands servers will soon go down for the Weekly Reset on 5 January.

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So what's in store for players this week?


Shadowlands Weekly Reset - 5 January

WoW Shadowlands servers go down each Tuesday for the Weekly Reset.

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset World Boss Great Vault
THE LONG WAIT: Servers will be back up soon, right?

During this time, caps and lockouts are reset, new content like World Bosses and Covenant questlines are added, and sometimes balance changes follow suit.


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So what can we expect from the upcoming Shadowlands Weekly Reset?

Patch Notes

While we don't have a formal set of patch notes for the upcoming WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset - we can predict some of the content coming to the game.

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset Patch Notes Update Hotfix
ORDER UP: What does Blizzard have in store for players this week?

First, we know a new World Boss will be coming, with a chance at some massive loot including gear, Legendary Powers, and Soulbinds.

Since we've had a World Boss in each Shadowlands zone since release of the game, this week the World Boss could end up anywhere!


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Along with the World Boss, we know that a new Shadowlands Soul Ash quest is coming centered around Torghast and the Maw, as well as new Covenant storyline quests.

Since WoW Shadowlands hasn't been patched in two weeks, we expect some level of balance changes or balance hotfixes to come either during or shortly after the Weekly Reset.

Great Vault

Perhaps the part that players are most excited for is the chance to open their Shadowlands Great Vault once more.

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset Coutndown World Server Down Great Vault
KNOCK KNOCK: It's almost time to open your Great Vault once more

The Weekly Reset will let players open their Great Vault to find some fantastic loot depending on content completed this week.


So if you haven't gotten a high Mythic Keystone, killed Nathria bosses, or reached Honor milestones this week - the time crunch is on!

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Great Vault gear is some of the strongest in the game, so it's important to maximize each week's opening.

At the least, running one massive Mythic Keystone (and you don't even have to time it) will get you a high ilvl piece in your Great Vault if you're massively behind.