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World of Warcraft

28 Dec 2020

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset COUNTDOWN: Patch Notes, Server Downtime, Great Vault & more

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WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset

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Wow Shadowlands Server Downtime

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WoW Shadowlands Great Vault

WoW Shadowlands is approaching weekly reset, which means servers will be down, caps will be reset, and new content will be added.

So what do we know so far about the upcoming Shadowlands weekly reset?

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset

WoW Shadowlands is approaching the Tuesday weekly reset, which is a big chunk of downtime for players that brings new content, and plenty to do.

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset Servers Down Downtime cant Log in
IT'S COMING: The Weekly Reset is always the most hype moment of the week in Shadowlands

The Shadowlands Weekly Reset brings a new Conquest cap, new opportunities for Castle Nathria loot, Renown, Reputation, World Quests, World Boss, Great Vault rewards, and more.

We can also expect some new Maw quests, and new steps in your Covenant questline.

While we don't have a formal patch notes for the weekly reset just yet, you can stay up to date with all of the latest WoW Shadowlands hotfixes here.

Wow Shadowlands Server Downtime

Each weekly reset means a period where WoW Shadowlands servers go down. This downtime is flexible depending on how much content is being added and any additional technical issues.

WoW Shadowlands Server Downtime Weekly Reset Patch Notes
IS IT OVER?: Actual footage of WoW players awaiting the Weekly Reset downtime

While the first downtime of Shadowlands went on for roughly 7 hours, things have been considerably light since then.

This week's Shadowlands Weekly Reset is scheduled to have just 1 hour of downtime from 10am EST to 11am EST.

WoW Shadowlands Great Vault

Perhaps the most important part of the Shadowlands Weekly Reset for most players is the opening of the Great Vault, and the resetting of its milestones.

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset Servers Down Maintenance Cant Log In
WAITING: The Great Vault will soon open after the Shadowlands Weekly Reset

The Great Vault is the most reliable and powerful source of gear in WoW Shadowlands - offering massively competitive pieces depending on the content you played this week.

To maximize your Shadowlands Great Vault gear choices, you'll want to do plenty of PVP (securing a high Arena rating to raise the ilvl of your gear options), do plenty of Mythic keystone dungeons (with higher keys offering bigger rewards), and clearing Castle Nathria on the highest difficulty you can.

If you complete all of these Great Vault milestones, you'll be rewarded with tons of loot to choose from so you can get the best gear piece with optimized secondary stats.