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WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset Nerfs Mythic Dungeons

The WoW Shadowlands weekly reset is coming, and with it comes the next Shadowlands update!

While Shadowlands fans are looking forward to the massive 9.1 update now live on the PTR, don't sleep on the changes in-between.

Here's what we know about the Shadowlands weekly reset this Tuesday.

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Shadowlands Weekly Reset - April 20th

Shadowlands has had a bit of a content drought in recent weeks while players anxiously await Update 9.1 - the patch previewed at BlizzCon 2021 months ago.

While Shadowlands 9.1 is now on the PTR, it's still a ways off, and new updates will come before it arrives.

That's where the Shadowlands weekly reset comes into play.

Patch Notes

The next WoW Shadowlands update will go live with server restarts on Tuesday, April 20th. The patch includes some big nerfs to the Mythic Dungeon, Sanguine Depths.

WoW Shadowlands Update Sanguine Depths Changes
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INTO THE DEEP: Sanguine Depths is getting some new changes

Read over the Shadowlands patch notes going live on Tuesday morning:

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sanguine Depths
    • [With regional restarts] Dark Acolyte’s Dark Bolt cast time increased to 2 seconds (was 1.5 seconds).
    • [With regional restarts] Chamber Sentinel’s Craggy Fracture damage reduced by 20%, is cast less frequently, and now targets fewer players.
    • [With regional restarts] Za’rali’s Shining Radiance now removes all bleed effects, including Severing Slice and Grievous (Affix). The tooltip will be updated in a future patch to reflect this change.
    • [With regional restarts] Fixed an issue where Sinfall Boon’s buff increased from killing non-combat creatures.
    • Grand Proctor Beryllia
      • Fixed an issue that caused Endless Torment to be cast multiple times in a row.
    • General Kaal
      • [With regional restarts] Reduced the periodic damage of Wicked Gash by 33%.
  • Spires of Ascension
    • Devos
      • Fixed an issue where throwing a spear at Devos would fail to register a hit when it looked like it should.

WoW Classic Update 1.13.7

Tomorrow's World of Warcraft server restarts won't just affect WoW Shadowlands, but also hits WoW Classic with a massive update ahead of the WoW Classic TBC pre patch!

WoW classic TBC shaman paladin draenai blood elf pre patch
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COMING SOON: WoW Classic TBC will soon change everything

WoW Classic Update 1.13.7 removes spell batching, adds the Chronoboon Displacer to solve a lot of problems with World Buffs, and more.