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WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset Brings Us Closer to 9.1

WoW Shadowlands reached a lull in wait for the 9.1 Chains of Domination Update. The latest event was Tuesday's weekly reset.

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Here's everything you need to know about the WoW Shadowlands weekly reset for June 15.

Latest - No New Shadowlands Update, No 9.1 News


Blizzard continues to hold back a firm release date for Shadowlands 9.1, and the weekly reset didn't bring even a minor patch to the game.

This will mark weeks without any Shadowlands changes, and longer for any new content, while the prospects of the Chains of Domination update dangle in front of players.

This will likely remain the case into July, while the WoW Classic TBC hype continues to rise.


The WoW Shadowlands weekly reset took servers down on Tuesday, June 15, from 10am to 11am EST.

While the downtime can be extended when there's a lot of content to add, with no new Shadowlands update, it ended on schedule.

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Patch Notes

Blizzard have yet to reveal the next WoW Shadowlands update patch notes, or when it will arrive.

WoW Shadowlands covenants 9.1 update story fight
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WHAT'S NEXT?: Shadowlands will take a massive leap with 9.1

There's a chance it will come with the weekly reset on Tuesday morning, though with a WoW Classic TBC patch already confirmed for the server reset, it's looking less likely.


This marks an extended period for Shadowlands with a distinct lack of updates and new content additions, stagnating as players awaiting Shadowlands 9.1 to revive the game.

In the meantime, read over the latest WoW Shadowlands update patch notes below:

JUNE 1, 2021

Castle Nathria

  • Sire Denathrius
    • Phase Two now ends when Denathrius' health reaches 37% (was 40%) or after 225 seconds (was 210 seconds) on Mythic difficulty.
      • Developers’ note: Our goal with this adjustment is to make Denathrius' final phase a bit more forgiving on Mythic. We considered simply reducing his health, but felt that could be needlessly disruptive during his first two phases, so we're instead opting for a more targeted approach.

Shadowlands 9.1

While Blizzard have been silent about the Shadowlands 9.1 Chains of Domination update in recent weeks, we've had its patch notes thanks to the PTR for some time.

WoW Shadowlands Sanctum of Domination 9.1 The Jailor
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THE SANCTUM: Azeroth's finest will take the fight to The Jailor in Sanctum of Domination

Due to the massive wave of players returning to World of Warcraft for WoW Classic TBC, we expect the Shadowlands 9.1 update will be pushed to an early July release at the soonest.