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WoW Shadowlands: Shriekwing Castle Nathria Guide - Normal, Heroic, Mythic, Mechanics, Loot & more

WoW Shadowlands has taken another step by releasing Castle Nathria's mythic and raid finder difficulties this week. For all Castle Nathria runs, though, players will have to get through its first boss - Shriekwing.

Here's our guide on how to defeat Shriekwing and start your Castle Nathria run on a positive note.

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Castle Nathria Shriekwing

Shadowlands' raid Castle Nathria kicks off with an awesome fight - Shriekwing.

Shadowlands Castle Nathria Shriekwing Heroic Mythic Normal
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APPROACH WITH CAUTION: Shriekwing is a massive threat in Castle Nathria

Shriekwing has a range of important mechanics, and while she may seem easier than the rest of the Castle Nathria bosses, her fight is immersive, and devastates players that make mistakes.

Shriekwing Abilities


Shriekwing has some devastating abilities that players must be ready for to progress in Castle Nathria.

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Earsplitting Shriek - This ability will do big damage to players in line of sight of Shriekwing, then apply a dot, and form a heavy damage Sanguine Ichor pool underneath the player. To avoid this, players must hug the room's pillars and not be hit during phase 2 to avoid movement complications.

Echolocation - This ability will mark random players in the raid, after 8 seconds, players will be hit with Descent, and a bat will land on their location dealing AOE damage. It spawns a Sanguine Ichor pool underneath the targeted player. Players must take this away from the raid, but the damage itself is unavoidable.

Shadowlands Mythic Shriekwing Heroic Normal Castle Nathria
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BLIND AS A BAT: Shriekwing may not be able to see, but she can kill

Exsanguinating Bite - This ability applies a debuff to the targeted tank which increases damage taken and reduces healing taken. Tanks must taunt off of the tank hit by Exsanguinating Bite, as they will initially be immune to healing effects and take massive physical damage.


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Blind Swipe - This ability is cast at a random raid member, and does damage in a 12 yard cone. Players can sidestep this ability as it doesn't track onto the targeted player.

Wave of Blood - This ability does an initial burst of damage with a bigger damage DOT effect afterward.

Shadowlands Castle Nathria Mythic Heroic Normal Shriekwing
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DAMAGE: Shriekwing has several massive AOE damage abilities that punish out of position players

Blood Shroud (Phase 2) - This ability reduces damage taken massively, and forms a ring around Shriekwing that will instantly kill players who enter it.

Echoing Sonar (Phase 2) - This ability sends out sonic disks throughout the room that bounce off of terrain until they hit a player. When a player is hit, they are targeted by Descent, and a Sanguine Ichor pool will form underneath them. Players must use pillars to dodge this ability while still staying out of Shriekwing's line of sight.



The Shriekwing Heroic fight is the same as the above, although it adds a mechanic to the fight.

Echoing Screech - Twice during phase one, Shriekwing will target a random player and cast a sonic disk toward them. Those hit by the sonic disks will be horrified for 2 seconds and targeted by Descent.


The Shriekwing Mythic fight adds another new mechanic to the fight.

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The Blood Lantern - This ability spawns a Blood Lantern in the room. Players within 4 yards of it receive a DOT, but can also see the sonic disks from Echoing Screech and Echoing Sonar, which are invisible on Mythic. The lantern can be repositioned and carried, so raids can strategize where they want it throughout the Mythic Shriekwing fight. Be careful, as Descent will shatter the lantern if it lands too close.

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