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WoW Shadowlands: Servers Down - Reset Downtime, Return Time, Updates & more

WoW Shadowlands is coming off its biggest content week yet - so players are excited to get back into the game after servers have gone down for weekly reset.

So when will servers return, and what's going on this week in Shadowlands?

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WoW Shadowlands Server Downtime

Shadowlands has a new energy behind it, and veteran WoW players can feel it.

Shadowlands Servers Down Reset Update Castle Nathria
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RETURN: Players will be back in Nathria for revenge this week in Shadowlands

With all the excitement, it's no mystery why players are anxiously waiting for server downtime to be over from the weekly reset.

How Long Will Shadowlands Servers be Down?


WoW Shadowlands servers are currently scheduled to be down until 2pm EST, but delays are always possible with the weekly reset.

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This is especially true with the amount of Shadowlands updates and hotfixes since launch day. These patches have touched on Castle Nathria boss damage, class balance, and plenty more.

This Week in Shadowlands

Shadowlands is moving fast, with last week introducing the most content yet.

WoW Shadowlands Great Vault Nathria Mythic Dungeons PVP
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CRACK IT OPEN: We can finally open our first Great Vault this week!

We're coming off of the introduction of Mythic+ dungeons, the Castle Nathria raid, as well as Shadowlands PVP Season 1!


But don't think this week will be filler.

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This week in Shadowlands introduces Mythic dungeon keystones up to level 15, as well as the Great Vault, or at least lets us open it for the first time!

Depending on the content you completed last week, your Great Vault could massive gear and several options to choose from.

The Great Vault gear options and their ilvl depends on what you completed, and at what difficulty.

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Players unlock a Great Vault gear piece to choose from for reaching honor milestones, killing Castle Nathria bosses, and clearing Mythic+ dungeon keystones.

The ilvl of this gear depends on the difficulty you complete.

WoW Shadowlands Mythic Dungeons Keystones Ilvl Great Vault
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LEVELS: Mythic dungeon keystones scale difficulty to massive proportion

For Mythic+ dungeons, your 3 gear pieces will scale based on the first, fourth, and tenth strongest Mythic dungeon you've done in the previous week.


For Castle Nathria, your 3 gear pieces will scale based on the difficulty you killed the bosses at in the previous week.

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For PVP gear, your 3 pieces will scale based on your Arena rating.

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