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World of Warcraft

09 Dec 2020

WoW Shadowlands Character Not Found: Servers Delays After Weekly Reset

WoW Shadowlands servers were down for manyafter the expected weekly reset time, and players got the Character Not Found message when trying to log in.

WoW Shadowlands Servers Down Character Not Found reset nathria mythic
UH OH: WoW Shadowlands is having some issues after its weekly reset

This weekly reset was set to add Castle Nathria, Mythic Dungeons, and Shadowlands PVP.

With this massive influx of new Shadowlands content players were constantly relogging while anxiously awaiting release, but despite initial issues, things finally cleaned up over time.

Blizzard didn't speak on why the delay and technical errors occurred, but they've since been repaired.

Players can now hop into the brand new content in Wow Shadowlands!