WoW Shadowlands: Leaked Cinematic Hints at Sylvanas Redemption Arc with Anduin Wrynn

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Sylvanas Windrunner may be one of the most controversial and hated characters in WoW today - but a leaked Shadowlands cinematic points to the Banshee Queen getting a redemption arc this expansion.

Let's go over the newly datamined Sylvanas' Choice cinematic with Anduin Wrynn, and what it could mean for the WoW Shadowlands story.


If it isn't obvious, be warned, from this point forward will be massive Shadowlands spoilers around the new leaked Shadowlands cinematic.

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Leaked WoW Shadowlands Cinematic

Sylvanas' Choice is a leaked Shadowlands cinematic that was datamined by WowHead.

Sylvanas Choice Leaked WoW Shadowlands Cinematic Anduin Wrynn The Jailer
THE STRUGGLE: Sylvanas seems to be struggling with her mission in Shadowlands

This cinematic features Sylvanas Winderunner, Anduin Wrynn, and The Jailer.

The cinematic shows some massive character work, painting Anduin Wrynn's capture and interrogation as Sylvanas struggling to pull the trigger on his indoctrination.

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Wrynn seems to strike a nerve with Sylvanas by suggesting her pause comes from some mortal sentiments still clinging to her conscience.

You can watch the cinematic in its entirety below:

Can Sylvanas Be Redeemed?

A large portion of the WoW fanbase has already seen a potential Sylvanas redemption arc coming, and as one of the most inherently evil and overpowered characters in the game's story in years, you can almost hear the collective groan in response to this cinematic.

WoW Shadowlands Cinematic Sylvanas Burns World Tree
UNFORGIVABLE: Burning the World Tree is a hard action to redeem

Sylvanas is massively responsible for the corruption of the Horde, resorting to war crimes on numerous occasions and leading the faction further astray than ever.

Sylvanas is so evil that her rule led to the Horde replacing the War Chief position entirely, instead adapting a democratic council of leaders from all races.

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Now, it seems Blizzard wants to paint some positive light, or even neutral light, onto Sylvanas in Shadowlands.

Anduin's Best Cinematic Yet

The Sylvanas' choice cinematic could be one of Anduin Wrynn's best in WoW history.

WoW Shadowlands Anduin Wrynn
GLIMMER OF HOPE: Anduin may be captured, but his words carry weight

The leader we've seen grow from just a boy is now leading the charge from a hopeless situation, and with some amazing dialogue, has proven to be one of the most exciting characters in Shadowlands.

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Many fans speculate that Anduin is being pushed down a path of becoming a new Lich King. This cinematic continues to give us insight into this direction, though nothing is set in stone just yet.