Will WoW Dragonflight bring back Master Loot?

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On the eve of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s reveal, the game’s developers haven’t been shy about being head-on with interviews. This has given players of the MMORPG more information and depth about what’s to come next.

As always, basic questions are asked, such as what will the new class be like? Will there be a stat squish? And so forth. However, one more in-depth question that's recently been elaborated on is one players have had since Battle for Azeroth's release: Will Master Loot return?

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Here's what we know about master loot in WoW Dragonflight so far and its evolution throughout the series.


What is Master Loot in World of Warcraft?

Master Loot is a system in WoW that allows for a “Master Looter” to allocate loot to a specific player in a raid. This gives guilds the opportunity to give some of the best players gear in order to get the best bang for their buck, and otherwise gives power to the players to control loot distribution.

Master loot has never been the default form of loot in WoW as it's always been a choice, that instead is group loot. Along with the game's progression, however, Master Loot became a very popular system for regular guilds.

Before Master Loot's integration, the main way to give out loot came in the form of group loot which allowed players to roll on the gear they wanted with each drop. If they needed an item they’d press “Need,” if they were indifferent about the item, or perhaps wanted it in an offspec, they’d press “Greed,” alternatively if they didn’t care about it they’d press “Pass.” It was fairly straightforward, but chaotic in that players can choose any option with no proper reason required.

Both Master Loot and Group Loot were removed however in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. But we may soon see the return of Master Loot to retail in WoW Dragonflight!

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Personal Loot replaces Master Loot, takes over retail WoW

In master and group loot’s stead came a new system dubbed “personal loot,” the system that WoW players use now. It takes essentially all forms of loot across all types of content in the game and assigns it on a per-player basis. The loot is soulbound to a player upon looting it and if the player doesn’t loot it, they’ll receive it in the mail.

Will WoW Dragonflight bring back Master Loot? - BFA
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
INTRODUCED: Battle for Azeroth brought personal loot

Additionally, if a player loots an item that they don’t need and it’s lower or equal in item level to the current item they are wearing in the same armor slot, the player is allowed to trade it to anyone else in their party or raid.

According to Game Director, Ion Hazzikostas, it was created to make loot more “personal” as well as it was the product of Blizzard tearing down and laying a new foundation, as what they had prior to BFA was just a “mess” that they would later iterate on in the future.


“Over the last few years, we’ve been iterating on it, refining it, and adding rules and exceptions but there’s a lot of problems with it,” said Hazzikostas. “[The] clarity around what’s tradable is pretty bad. The feeling of ‘hey an item just dropped, it’s technically an item level upgrade but I’m not gonna use it and I can’t give it to my friends’ that feels pretty bad [as well].”

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Will WoW Dragonflight bring back Master Loot?

That brings us to the final question: will WoW Dragonflight bring back Master Loot? And to this, Hazzikostas answered in a surprising manner, one that comes after a constant shutting down of the idea across the years.

“What if I told you I kind of want to bring back Master Loot?” said Hazzikostas.

Whether or not master loot will make a return is still up in the air. However, the fact that Blizzard has shed a different light on the matter may prove the system might may a comeback at some point.