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WoW Classic WotLK Weekly Reset COUNTDOWN: Pre patch, Release Time, Changes & More

It's that time once again, there's a new World of Warcraft update and it's a weekly reset for the WoW Classic WotLK pre patch. Here's everything you need to know

Weekly Update Release Time

Every week, World of Warcraft resets at the same time. The US, Latin, and Oceanic Servers all get reset on Tuesday at the following time:

US WoW Weekly Reset Time

  • 08:00 PST
  • 11:00 EST
  • 16:00 BST
  • 17:00 CEST

The European Servers meanwhile are reset a little later on Wednesday:

EU WoW Weekly Reset Time

  • 00:00 PST
  • 03:00 EST
  • 08:00 BST
  • 09:00 CEST

The World of Warcraft daily reset also takes place at the same time of day as the weekly.

Server Downtime

Following the WoW Weekly Reset, some server downtime is to be expected as the WotLK content is added to the game. There is no guaranteed time for how long the servers will be down, but past releases have suggested that it could last until 15:00 PST / 18:00 EST / 23:00 BST / 00:00 CEST.

WoW Classic WotLK Pre Patch

This week's reset will see the introduction of the WotLK pre patch for Wow Classic, giving players of the throwback MMO a chance to explore Azeroth as the first new class ever introduced in World of Warcraft, The Death Knight.

Players will be able to get to grips with the new class if they haven't already while also collecting some of the new Achievements and learning the new inscription profession, all before the update is officially added.

This will also see the Zombie Invasion (Scourge Invasion) event take place ahead of the expansion's re-introduction, letting new players experience one of the more famous events in the history of WoW complete with new quests, vendors, items and bosses.

Outside of the WotLK pre patch, however, this week's WoW Weekly Reset is just going to be your standard refresh of raids, weekly chests and world bosses alongside anything else you can grind for as we slowly build to Dragonflight.

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