WoW Classic: Version 1.13.7 Eliminates Spell Batching - Burning Crusade Implications, PTR Testing & more

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WoW Classic has mostly stayed true to a #NoChanges philosophy, but a highly requested new change in Version 1.13.7 (currently being tested on the PTR) could be massive!

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Let's go over what we know about Version 1.13.7, and how spell batching could be changed in WoW Classic with massive implications for Classic TBC.

WoW Classic Version 1.13.7

A new WoW update is being tested on the PTR, WoW Classic Version 1.13.7.

WoW Classic Update Patch Notes 1.13.7 Spell Batching
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IMPLICATIONS: Spell batching would shake up the Naxxramas experience in Classic

The big change in this update is one that wasn't in Vanilla World of Warcraft, but one that seems quite popular in the Classic community.

This change reduces the time window for spell batching from 400ms to just 10ms!


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While there's no confirmation just yet this will ever make it to live servers in Classic WoW, it has some massive implications.

Spell Batching

Spell batching is an important mechanic, and its removal could change a lot of things about Classic WoW gameplay.

For starters, many frustrating situations in Classic WoW PVP can be avoided with a big hit to spell batching, mostly related to CC.

Classic World of Warcraft WoW Spell Batching Update Patch Notes Version 1.13.7
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THE BATTLEFIELD: PVP could be entirely shaken up in Classic WoW by removing spell batching

In PVE, spell batching can be the different between for a smooth rotation with no hiccups, and can disrupt that last second savior heal that was supposed to keep the tank alive.


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But spell batching goes even further in the game, changing things as small as shop interactions and mailbox opening to be less responsive and slower.

By taking spell batching from 400ms to 10ms, the game itself is getting faster.

WoW Classic Burning Crusade

These spell batching changes would even be massive for WoW Classic Burning Crusade if it's coming next.

WoW Classic TBC Update Patch Notes 1.13.7 Spell Batching
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A WHOLE NEW WORLD: Classic TBC would be a massive development for World of Warcraft

TBC introduces Arena PVP, which would shake up the way Classic WoW PVP is prioritized, moving from battlegrounds and honors levels to the arena and ratings.


Arenas are a massive place where spell batching can be noticed the most, with CC effects, defensive spells, and more reactive gameplay in general.

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With how much spell batching hurts the Classic WoW experience for Vanilla content, it'll feel two-fold in the first expansion with much more play to it.

In the end, all things point to spell batching changes coming to Classic WoW, and if PTR testing is successful, it may be sooner rather than later.