WoW Classic TBC release date officially revealed

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We finally have an official release date for WoW Classic TBC, and pre patch is nearly here!

Here's all you need to know about when you can play WoW Classic TBC from pre patch to full launch.

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Latest - Pre Patch Is Hours Away


While The Burning Crusade is set to arrive on June 1, the TBC pre patch is just hours out now on May 18 - with servers scheduled to come back live at 6pm EST!

That is just two weeks before full launch, so you'll need to level the Draenei and Blood Elf characters quickly.

WoW Classic TBC Release Date

WoW Classic TBC is nearly here, bringing back the game's first expansion.

WoW Classic TBC Release Date leak
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THE EVIDENCE: A new leak suggests Blizzard may have accidentally revealed the WoW Classic TBC release date

Blizzard has officially revealed the WoW Classic TBC release date is June 1, 2021!


This is much sooner than many players expected, especially with no pre patch live just yet.

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WoW Classic TBC Class Rankings

To get prepared for WoW Classic TBC, you'll have to make the difficult choice of which character will be your next main.

WoW Classic TBC Classes Draenei Shaman Blood Elf Paladin
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TAKE YOUR PICK: TBC opens the door to all classes

TBC introduces a ton of changes for all classes, as well as the addition of Paladins to the Horde, and Shaman to the Alliance, improving class balance tremendously.

With balance much smoother than in WoW Classic, and plenty of new things to try, choosing your class can be even more challenging.

To help out, we've broken down the strengths for each class across PVE and PVP into rankings, which you can read over here.