WoW Classic TBC Phase 3 Release Date REVEALED

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WoW Classic TBC players, rejoice! Blizzard has finally given a firm release date for WoW Classic TBC Phase 3, and as a result, when the massive Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal raids and more will arrive.

Here's what players can expect from WoW Classic TBC Phase 3 and its launch schedule.


WoW Classic TBC Phase 3 Release Date

WoW Classic TBC Phase 3 will finally arrive on Thursday, January 27th.

This is a unique launch with Blizzard's typical Tuesday launch format, and it has some implications for how content will arrive.

The Thursday launch means we may see the Phase 3 content prepped on Tuesday and go directly live on Thursday instead. With that, Phase 3 content could go live with the flip of a switch rather than an extended maintenance period on launch day, with that maintenance taken care of on Tuesday instead.


Blizzard hasn't given an official release time, but stay tuned as we cover all the latest news.

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Incubus (Male Succubus) to arrive ahead of TBC Phase 3

A new quest is being added to WoW Classic TBC that will give players a new Demon option to summon. This demon is the Incubus, a male counterpart to the Succubus pet.

WoW Classic TBC Phase 3 Incubus Warlock pet
CHARMED: The Incubus will be a new Warlock pet in TBC

The Incubus will have the same abilities and stats as the Succubus, so this will be more of a cosmetic option for Warlock players to choose from.

The Warlock Incubus quest will go live on Monday, January 17th, and while we have no official details yet on the quest itself, we expect players can pick it up from their favorite Warlock trainer as long as they're above the required Level 28.

TBC Arena Season 3 Start Date Comes Early

WoW Classic TBC Arena Season 2 ended on January 11th, and PVP players have been waiting for the next step ever since. Blizzard has finally confirmed when players can get into TBC Arena Season 3 action, however, and it'll be live long before Phase 3 officially begins!

WoW Classic TBC Arena Season 3 will kick off on Monday, January 17th.

Once the new season begins, players can purchase Arena Season 3 gear from vendors in Shattrath and Nagrand. Arena

Season 2 gear will be sold at a discount from vendors in Arena 52, which will no longer require an Arena rating to purchase.


Season 1 gear will then be sold by honor vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind respectively.

These alternate gear costs will be a very welcome sight for players new to PVP in WoW Classic TBC, and give a great resilience cushion to get started in Season 3.