Counting Down to the WoW Classic TBC Launch

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WoW players have had two weeks to enjoy some of the biggest Burning Crusade Classic changes, but it's time for the real action to begin, as WoW Classic TBC is just hours out from launch!

That's right, The Dark Portal will soon open, signaling the return of World of Warcraft's first expansion.

So let's get right to it, as we count down the hours to the launch of WoW Classic TBC.

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Latest - Will WoW Classic TBC Servers Hold Up?


Death, taxes, and World of Warcraft servers experiencing issues on a new launch. WoW Classic players are no strangers to server issues. After all, this occurred during the launch of WoW Classic, each phase, and the TBC pre patch as well.

WoW Classic TBC Ironforge
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OVERHEATING: Blizzard HQ may soon look like Ironforge attempting to handle the massive returning playerbase

With this in mind, all signs point to some significant delays due to server problems for WoW Classic TBC launch - but there is one thing players can cling to for hope.

It appears much of the heavy lifting for WoW Classic TBC came in the pre patch, which means less will be required come launch time.

Start Time, Release Date

WoW Classic TBC is scheduled to launch at 6pm EST on June 1 - read over the lineup below for the start time in your time zone!

WoW Classic TBC launch time regional schedule
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IT'S ALMOST TIME: Find your region for the TBC launch time for you
  • PDT - 3pm on June 1
  • EST - 6pm on June 1
  • BRT - 7pm on June 1
  • BST - 11pm on June 1
  • CEST - 12am on June 2
  • MSK - 1am on June 2
  • CST - 6am on June 2
  • KST - 7am on June 2
  • AEST - 8am on June 2

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WoW Classic TBC Server Status

Veteran WoW players know the struggle of a Blizzard launch - and no one expects WoW Classic TBC to go off without a hitch come launch time.

WoW Classic TBC draenei shaman blood elf paladin outland pvp
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ALL ACTION: Outland will be packed come launch, which means servers will take a massive beating

This was shown with the WoW Classic TBC pre patch - which had 4 launch extensions lasting 8 hours beyond the originally estimated time.

While we expect less start time pushback come the real WoW Classic TBC launch - we do expect servers to face some significant issues managing the massive influx of returning players.

This means you'll most likely have a hard time entering the Dark Portal come launch - and the first quest zones of Outland will be very chaotic and difficult to navigate despite layering.

We also expect server queues for the more populated servers, so be sure to log in as soon as possible!

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Dark Portal Pass - Deluxe Edition

There are many ways players can get an edge returning to WoW Classic for TBC.

WoW Classic TBC Dark Portal Pass Deluxe Edition Bundle Mounts
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EXTRAS: The Dark Portal Pass and Classic TBC Deluxe Edition come with some extras

This includes the Dark Portal Pass, which comes with a one-time per account character boost to level 58, and the Deluxe Edition, which offers this character boost along with a month of game time, and some special mounts.

The Dark Portal Pass price is $39.99, and the Deluxe Edition price is $64.99.

While neither are required to play WoW Classic TBC (all you need is your active WoW subscription), this can be a nice pickup to catch up if you're behind.