WoW Classic TBC Brewfest Boss: How to summon and rewards details

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Brewfest, the Oktoberfest themed event in WoW Classic TBC is now underway. While just taking it all in is cool, there's also a boss for you to take on and a bunch of rewards for you to grab. We've got all the details you need on the WoW Classic TBC Brewfest Boss and what you can get from him.

WoW Classic TBC Brewfest Boss

The boss in question is called Coren Direbrew and he is a level 73 elite boss. Below we've detailed how to find and summon him, as well as what he can drop.

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Boss Location & How to Summon Coren Direbrew

You'll find Coren Direbrew at Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths, so head there to begin the quest to defeat him.

You can summon him once per day (for each person) in the room next to the boss room at Grim Guzzler.

The quest you're looking for is called Insult Coren Direbew and it has a minimum level of 65. Accept it and you can start working towards the rewards it offers.


All Brewfest Rewards

Beating Coren Direbrew will see some very valuable items drop for you to collect. The main thing most of you will be interested in is the mounts. They are:

  • Great Brewfest Kodo
  • Swift Brewfest Ram

Otherwise, the other rewards for beating the Brewfest boss in WoW Classic TBC are trinkets and a weapon. The weapon is called Direbrew's Shanker and is a level 115 dagger and we've listed the trinkets down below:

  • Dark Iron Smoking Pipe
  • Empty Mug of Direbrew
  • Coren's Lucky Coin
  • Direbrew Hops
  • Balebrew Charm - This summons The Black Brewmaiden
  • Brightbrew Charm - This summons The Brewmaiden, healing you party every 2 seconds

Each of the trinkets are Level 110 and your characters have to be at least Level 70 to use them.