Everything we know about Burning Crusade Classic & the Closed Beta

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The Burning Crusade is coming back to World of Warcraft via WoW Classic and the Pre-Patch update is here. Here's everything we know about the WoW Classic TBC Beta and where we are at the moment.

LATEST - Pre-Patch Update Live Now

We might be a little bit past the WoW Classic TBC Closed Beta, but there's still a lot to talk about. The latest title update is a pretty big one and it's set the stage for the return of the Dark Portal in a couple of weeks.


When everything does kick-off, though, Blizzard is going to give you the option of picking to play between World of Warcraft Classic and Burning Crusade Classic. IF you don't fancy it, though, you can still play a pre-patch WoW Classic.

" World of Warcraft Classic era realms are new but retain the same names as before and exist as they did prior to the pre-expansion patch."

Update Raises Level Cap to 70, Adds Heroics, Eye of the Storm

The WoW Classic TBC beta is pushing into a new chapter after a big update has pushed the level cap from 64 to 70, added in Heroics, and PVP with the Eye of the Storm battleground.

Players will now be able to test some pieces of the TBC end game, so it's more important than ever to check to see if you got into the WoW Classic TBC Beta!

WoW Classic TBC Beta is Here

The WoW Classic TBC beta has arrived, and will expand to many more players over the next few weeks, according to Blizzard.


With the beta, players can get a taste of what The Burning Crusade will bring to WoW Classic.

As expected, the first wave of invites included plenty of streamers and content creators - so those refreshing their email inbox can see what's available on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

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How to Opt In

To have a chance at making the cut for the WoW Classic The Burning Crusade beta - you'll have to opt in via Battle.net.

WoW Classic TBC Beta opt in
LINE UP: Opt into the WoW Classic TBC beta via Battle.net

To do this, go here, then scroll down to the beta opt in section of the page and click the Opt In button.

Once you've opted in, you can check your Battle.net client to see if the WoW Classic TBC beta comes up.

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Blizzard makes selections based on population needs, regions, hardware, and more. If you don't make the cut, don't worry, you'll be able to see the beta in action from content creators playing through it.

New WoW Classic TBC Date Datamined

Thanks to new leaks and some datamining, we've gotten a mysterious date for WoW Classic TBC - and many are speculating it could be the start of the WoW Classic TBC Beta!

WoW Classic TBC Reaver Hellfire Peninsula
WHAT'S COMING?: WoW Classic TBC has a new mysterious date thanks to dataminers

This date is May 18th, which was datamined with the global tag "BURNING_CRUSADE_TRANSITION_DEFAULT_CLONE_DATE" from the WoW Classic PTR.

This date could easily end up as the start of the Classic TBC beta, prepatch, or even the expansion's release date!


For players that were around for the original launch of The Burning Crusade, is the WoW Classic TBC beta worth it?

WoW Classic TBC Beta Features Character Copy
#SOMECHANGES?: WoW Classic TBC already has some new features

WoW Classic TBC will make some changes from The Burning Crusade - and one area we expect to see plenty more changes is with the Drums of Battle, an item that will take over PVE throughout the expansion.


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Thanks to some reveals during the BlizzCon 2021 Q&A, we know Blizzard is targeting Drums of Battle for some nerfs, and the development team hope these will prevent it from oppressive PVE and professions.