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WoW Classic Boosting XP Nerfs Explained

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Alongside the Joyous Journeys XP buff that's now live in World of Warcraft: Classic today, several nerfs to boosting have arrived.

These changes will affect most dungeons in Classic and Burning Crusade Classic, and they're expected to stay around for dungeons coming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Here's what we know about the WoW Classic boosting XP nerfs.

WoW Classic Boosting Nerfs

Citing feedback and their own observations, Blizzard has implemented several changes that will combat the presence of dungeon boosting in the game. It also specifically targets illicit activities such as Real-Money Trading (RMT) which exchanges the gold from the boosts with real money to other players.

Additionally, with these nerfs, Blizzard hopes to curb spamming of chat channels by boosting service advertisements as well.

So what's changing?

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XP and Group Changes

The first half of the new boosting nerfs affect how XP works in groups with large disparities in levels.

The change will make it so players will suffer a significant XP gain loss when doing dungeons with players that are much higher level.

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Dungeon Changes

On top of the XP nerfs from mobs in dungeons, Blizzard has also added some significant changes to dungeons, which reportedly affect all dungeons.

WoW Classic: Boosting XP Nerfs Explained - WoW Classic Stratholme
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
POPULAR CHOICE: Stratholme is one of the go-to dungeons for XP boosting

These come in the form of minor adjustments that make it either immensely difficult or borderline impossible for players to endlessly snare and kite enemies for a long period of time.

Examples of these are:

  • Slave Pens mobs become immune to slows after 30 seconds of active combat time
  • Stratholme zombies chain stunning—even through Divine Shield—after 20 seconds of active combat time
  • Shadow Labyrinth enemies teleport to Mages after being slowed and rooted after a certain number of times
  • Maraudon trash becomes immune to all slow and root effects after a certain amount of time, similar to Season of Mastery of realms
  • Mechanics in dungeons that utilize ledges and walls to kite to "reset mobs" will now teleport them to the player

On top of these specific changes, it's worth noting that according to player reports, this extends much further, with all Dungeon mobs going immune to slows after 30 seconds as well.

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