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World of Warcraft: What is Raider IO?

Ever since they were first added in the Legion expansion, Mythic+ Dungeons have been a smash hit in World of Warcraft.

This harder version of the MMORPG's popular five-man PVE content allows for players to revisit some, if not all, of the current expansion's dungeons past their difficulty parameters for appropriately scaled loot.

Mythic+ Dungeons come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, difficulties. Several alterations to them, dubbed affixes, also help make each dungeon run unique. Apart from the rewards they give, they are a good way to measure your own skill level, and with the help of the popular tool, Raider.IO, can be used to compare with other players, and more.

Here is what Raider.IO is and how to use it in World of Warcraft.

What is Raider.IO?

Raider.IO is a website—with an addon—that gives your character points based on what dungeons you've completed. It covers criteria such as how fast you've finished the dungeon and at what key level. These points then get accumulated for a total score.

It rewards strong overall play, giving more points to players that have completed a dungeon at a high level efficiently.

World of Warcraft: What is Raider IO? - Raider.IO
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Credit: Raider.IO
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The website also does more than just round up scores, as it holds a plethora of information. It shows the player's gear, their ilevel, their talents, a breakdown of their dungeon times, information on their latest completed dungeon runs, and other miscellaneous bits such as how many tier pieces they have, their Covenant, Renown, and Soulbinds.

Additionally, utilizing its points and ranking system, it showcases several leaderboards specifying timed runs, class, role, and more.

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What is Raider.IO used for?

Raider.IO is a more streamlined way, regardless if it's fair or not, to fill up your Mythic+ groups. Due to its points system, it allows party leaders to make more informed decisions when it comes to inviting players to their group.

In layman's terms, if you have a high score, you'll be more likely to be invited as it proves that you've done your homework and have completed difficult dungeons. On the other hand, if you have a low score, chances are you'll be skipped over due to it reflecting that you may not have enough experience or skill level to complete the more difficult dungeons.

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