Much-anticipated Group Loot changes set to arrive WoW Dragonflight in 10.0.5 patch

Terros WoW Dragonflight

Terros WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Dragonflight, like other expansions in the past, has made sure to bring all sorts of new content to the table. Additionally, it looked at past content and systems and iterated upon them, giving them a fresh new look—namely the Profession and Talent systems. Alongside these changes, the developers over at Blizzard have re-introduced a past feature, Group Loot.

The infamous system that was abandoned in the more recent expansions, Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands to be specific, in favor of Personal Loot has made its return in Dragonflight. At first, it was a much-welcomed and much-wanted change, however, when it comes to the Vault of the Incarnates raid specifically, it's been a painful experience.

That's why Blizzard are making some much-anticipated changes in the near future.

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Group Loot changes set to arrive for WoW Dragonflight in 10.0.5

In a recent post in the World of Warcraft forums, one of the game's community managers, Kaivax, announced that there are changes to Group Loot slated for patch 10.0.5.

The update, which goes live on Tuesday, January 24, will bring some adjustments, particularly focusing on loot distribution. Below is what the community manager listed:

  • Fixed an issue where, in some rare cases, players would get less loot than they should have on certain Raid sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where players could unconditionally roll Need on Set Tokens. The system will now check if the player owns the Token or the Set Piece itself at equal or greater power.
  • Players can no longer roll Need on any Profession recipe that they have already learned.
  • Players can no longer unconditionally roll Need on 1H weapons (or 2H for a Warrior in Fury loot spec).

Additionally, on top of these upcoming changes, Blizzard is set to release a hotfix later this week that will make it so players can't win duplicate items on Need rolls in a single roll.

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