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Classic WoW: Naxxramas Scourge Invasion is LIVE! - Release Date, Reputation, Zones & more

Classic WoW is about to move into its final chapter with the Naxxramas Scourge Invasion, the pre-release event for the last raid in Vanilla World of Warcraft.

Naxx will be harder than any challenge in Classic WoW yet, but before the raid arrives, players will have to defend Azeroth from the Scourge Invasions.

So when will the Classic WoW Scourge Invasion begin, and what do players stand to gain?

Classic WoW Scourge Invasion

The Classic WoW Naxxramas Scourge Invasion will be a bit different from what players may remember in 2006.

WoW Classic Naxxramas Entrance 1
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HARBINGER: Look to the skies to see the signs, the Scourge are coming to Azeroth

For starters, Scourge numbers will be increased based on server populations to better reflect the experience. This is because of the skills and knowledge of the modern Classic WoW audience, which gives a big advantage over Azeroth's defense in Vanilla WoW.


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Despite these tweaks, the broad strokes of the Naxxramas Scourge Invasion will remain the same.

Release Date

The Classic WoW Naxxramas Scourge Invasion will begin on 3 December, kicking off at 5pm EST.

This will be the first of the WoW Classic Patch 1.13.6 items to unlock after it drops on 1 December.

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But how will the Classic WoW Scourge Invasion work?

Scourge Invasion Zones

The Classic WoW Naxxramas Scourge Invasion will hit all of Azeroth, even including direct Necropolis pressure on capital cities Stormwind and Undercity.

Classic WoW Stormwind Naxxramas Scourge Invasion Event Argent Dawn 1
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PROTECT THE GATES: Even Stormwind will face the Scourge Invasion

This includes hundreds of zones, which players will have to defend and repel Scourge Invasions in to progress the event.


One of the biggest changes for the Classic WoW Naxxramas Scourge Invasion from 2006 will be the number of zones players must defend.

Due to the skills and knowledge afforded to Classic WoW players, the Invasion's zone defense requirements have doubled.

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This means Phase 1 will be complete after 100 zones are defended, Phase 2 will be complete after 200 zones are defended, and Phase 3 will be complete after 300 zones are defended.

Even if Phase 3 is reached, the Scourge Invasion will run an additional week afterward. This will allow players to experience the conflict before it fully ends on 31 December.


The Classic WoW Naxxramas Scourge Invasion will offer players some massive rewards if they put in the work.

These rewards include items that will greatly benefit fights against the undead. This is obviously important ahead of Naxx, and that's not all. There are also big reputation rewards that will make getting attuned for Naxx much easier and cheaper.

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This includes the following big ticket items:

  • Blessed Wizard Oil - Increases spell damage against undead by up to 100.
  • Consecrated Sharpening Stone - Increases attack power against undead by 170.

These can be picked up by looting Necrotic Runes from dead Scourge.

Dungeon Bosses

There will be new Classic WoW dungeon bosses in Dire Maul: West, Razorfen Downs, Scarlet Monastery, Scholomance, Shadowfang Keep, and Stratholme during the Invasion.

Classic WoW Naxxramas Abomination Quarter Thaddius
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NEW THREATS: Naxxramas bosses aren't the only new threats in Azeroth

These bosses will be Scourge agents that players can track down to eliminate.

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