World of Tanks Update 1.9.1: Berlin Map, Battle Pass Season 2, news, patch notes, release date, start time & more

A new update brings with it a fresh map to dominate and a Battle Pass to unlock!

Toby Durant by Toby Durant
World of Tanks update battle pass map

It’s an exciting time for World of Tanks players as the Season 2 Battle Pass and Update 1.9.1 arrives!

There’s also a new map on the way.

WOT Battle2 728x90 En Eu

Update 1.9.1 release date

The new update for World of Tanks will arrive on 11 June at 11:30am BST.

So fans don’t have to wait long for the new content.

Battle Pass Season 2 release date

The update will also see the arrival of Season 2 of Battle Pass.

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Release Date
A MIGHTY REWARD: There is plenty to earn in the new Battle Pass

It has a release date of 11 June too, and should roll out at 2pm BST.

Berlin Map

Coming in with the new update is a realistic Berlin map.

berlin map 2 world of tanks
BERLIN BURNING: Fight it out in the German capital

This map will be added to the Random Battles pool and boasts four main battle areas.

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Finely detailed environments and recognizable historic landmarks all add to the sense of realism and location on this one!

New crew members

There are two new crew members coming to World of Tanks, but you can only get one!

After finishing the main progression of the Battle Pass you’ll have to make your choice between Angela Milotova and Damon Kilmore.

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards 2
DECISIONS DECISIONS: Which crew member will you choose?

They’ve got the Brothers in Arms perk, trained to 100%, and also have enough XP to train a couple of new skills or perks.

And of course, they’ve got their own style. Improved Pass holders can get a 2nd style, but all players are limited to one crew member. Choose wisely!

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