World of Tanks Premium Shop: Guide, Vehicles, Categories, Offers, Promotions & More

Dedicated to armoured warfare during World War II and beyond, World of Tanks is one of the most popular online warfare simulators ever made.

The game is built upon a “freemium” model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the choice to pay a fee for “premium” features.

Here, we take you through everything you'll need to know about the Premium Shop, so continue below for all the details.

How do I Purchase things in the Premium Shop?

Buying something in the Premium Shop is as easy as it sounds!

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IT'S EASY: Purchasing items in-game has never been simpler!

To pick up something for yourself or a friend, head to the Premium Shop homepage, where you'll find all different types of items available for purchase.

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You can also “Purchase as a gift” for a friend and even leave them a little note!


Gold is the in-game currency for buying Premium vehicles, account time, ammunition and other content inside the game itself.

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ALL SHAPES AND SIZES: Bundles can include anything from Vehicles to Credits, so find your perfect match!

Gold can also buy Credits or be converted into them if required.

You can also grab Gold in bundles, so make sure you read all of the terms before you make a purchase!

Premium Vehicles

The Premium Vehicles category cannot be researched through the tech tree, nor can you purchase them with Credits.

type 64
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MULTI-PURPOSE: The Type 64’s digital-camouflage enables the big vehicle to blend into surroundings

They are great for training the Crew of vehicles of the same type and nation.

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Some of them even have Credit-earning capabilities are higher than non-premium vehicles of the same tier.

Limited Offers

This Limited Offers section houses all of the latest unique, limited-time offers.

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UPDATED OFTEN: The Limited Offers section provides a healthy variation of deals

These also provide bonuses for using specific payment methods, and include extra Gold, bonus Premium account time or special additional vehicles.

The size of a bonus can vary depending on the amount paid or other conditions.

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