World of Tanks Mods: Where to find them and how to install them - Artillery View, ModPacks & more

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World of Tanks is a multiplayer wargame that lets players fight in some of the iconic tanks of history.

While the game has evolved its presence beyond PC to all kinds of consoles and even mobile, mods are a huge part of World of Tanks on PC.

Mods are so important to the game that developers have actually implemented some features from mods directly, a list including artillery view, view range circles and more.

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Let's go over World of Tanks mods, where to find them, how to download them, and some of the most popular mods.


Where to find World of Tanks mods

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CLEAN- With things looking this great naturally, it's a wonder mods exist at all


When gamers think mods, they default to the many mod clients that exist across a number of popular games. While most are third party, World of Tanks developers have realized how important the modding community is to the game. As a result, they've created a place where you can find all the best mods as supported by the community.

This place is the official mod hub of World of Tanks, which you can find here.

The mod hub seperates mods into categories like damage panels, modpacks, skins and more. It also allows for ratings to ensure the cream rises to the top.

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How to download and install World of Tanks mods

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OPEN BATTLE- Make your fights even more immersive with mods covering many quality of life changes among other things


Sometimes the process for downloading and implement mods for games seems more complicated than developing the mods yourself. While this is of course never true, downloading and installing mods for World of Tanks is much easier than the process for some other games.

To download World of Tanks mods, simply go to the mod hub linked above, and go to the mod you want to get. Each mod page will include installation instructions, some will feature installers to simplify the process, while others will provide instructions.

For nearly every World of Tanks mod, you'll simply have to download, then place it in your mods folder under the current version of the game (as of the time of this writing, that would be the folder). Once you've done this, restart your game and everything should work just fine.

If you find any issues, most mod creators have support to help, and there are also plenty of videos on the topic if you're feeling lost.

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The most popular World of Tanks mods

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HIDDEN GREATNESS- Finding the best World of Tanks mods is even easier than spotting this camouflaged tank in cover


Now that you know where to find World of Tanks mods and how to download them, it's time to go over the most popular mod options.

Some of the most popular World of Tanks mods of all time are Aslain's WoT Modpack which has been downloaded an astounding 2.1 million times, WGMods Essentials which has been downloaded a whopping 1.5 million times, and Solo's Easy ModPack which has been downloaded 821,000 times.

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