World of Tanks: How to get Blueprints, Rewards for Merit, Tips, Tricks and more

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Got your eyes on a certain special tank, then you'll want to know about these rewards. Here's how to get blueprints in World of Tanks.

What are blueprints?

Blueprints are special items that provide XP discounts on researching new vehicles.

They come in fragments, and are found when players receive a Reward for Merit.

World of Tanks how to get blueprints
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WORKIN' NINE TO FIVE: You'll have to put in the work to up your chances of these special rewards

If you collect all the blueprints for a tank, you'll be able to get a 100% XP discount for it - and therefore, unlock the tank.


However, the higher the tier - the more blueprint fragments you'll have to collect.

It should be noted that the XP discount is only for the research cost of the tank - not its modules.

How to get Blueprints

So how do you get blueprints in World of Tanks? Well, there are a few things you can do to up your chances.

Play regularly

It may sound obvious, but if you're gunning for a certain tank prepare to put in the work!

That's because your chance of being given a reward for merit will increase the more you play.

More rewards for merit could mean more blueprint fragments!


Be effective in battle

You will be in with more of a chance to get blueprints if your battle performance is higher.

So make sure to take advantage of all the information out there to up your game!

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Collect National and Universal Blueprints

Sometimes you can get a blueprint for a vehicle you've already researched.

When this happens, the blueprint is converted into a National or Universal blueprint.


These fragments can be combined to unlock new blueprint fragments for a tank of your choosing.

The quantities and ratios of both will vary depending on the tier of the vehicle.

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