World of Tanks Blitz: Operation Onslaught - Battle Pass, New Vehicles, Characters, Reinforcements & More

World of Tanks Blitz is announcing the introduction of its new Battle Pass: Operation Onslaught, as well as limited-edition vehicles and characters thanks to their collaboration with Bandai Namco!

Tankers will be able to enjoy four weeks of fun since the Battle Pass runs from 1-29 May.

Continue below for all the details we have on the upcoming Battle Pass.


Battle Pass: Operation Onslaught

Players will be tasked with completing battle missions to earn stamps (used to progress through the stages), while also receiving great rewards.

Free Battle Pass

Two versions of the campaign exist; Free and Premium.

The Free Battle Pass campaign rewards players with a collection of in-game items when certain milestones are met, including rewards like:

  • Days of Premium Account
  • Gold
  • Credits
  • Free XP
  • Avatars
  • Camo
  • Certificates for vehicle research, which provide a 25% XP discount for Tier VIII, IX and X vehicles.

Premium Battle Pass

The Premium Battle Pass is available for $5 and rewards are given out for every stage completed.

Two of these are the British Tier IV light tank, Covenanter, and Thunder, the Soviet Tier VI heavy.

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Both the Free and Premium Battle Passes can be completed at the same time, so players can harvest even more rewards.

For more information about Battle Pass and its rewards, visit


Two New Vehicles

With Golden Week on the horizon, World of Tanks Blitz and Bandai Namco are preparing something extra special.

Furthering their ongoing collaboration, the universes of Girls und Panzer and World of Tanks Blitz are coming together once again with two brand-new vehicles entering the fray.

The Firefly Saunders SP

Commanded by the gum-chewing Naomi in the anime, this is the first tank from the Saunders University High School to join World of Tanks Blitz.

A British medium, it boasts the most accurate gun and the highest penetration among its Tier VI brethren.

The IS-2 Pravda SP


A representative of Pravda Girls High School and a staple in Nonna’s fleet, this Soviet vehicle is a perfect mix of armour, manoeuvrability and firepower.

Both vehicles will be added to the game on 29 April.

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