World of Tanks Best Heavy Tank: Top picks, tips, tricks, and more

With hundreds to choose from, we try our hand at listing some top picks for this powerful vehicle class!

by Ramzi Musa
World of tanks best heavy tank 5

With hundreds of these armored machines to choose from, here are our top picks for the coveted title of best heavy tank in World of Tanks.

WOT Battle2 728x90 En Eu

World of Tanks Best Heavy Tank

Heavy tanks are one of five classes in WoT. Characterized by their heavily armored frames and substantial firepower, this class is perfect for leading the charge against the enemy team.

Close quarters combat is the name of the game, a stark contrast to the SPG class. You can see our own pick for the best SPGs right here.

However, there’s always a downside, and with heavy tanks, they’re certainly not light on their feet! Don’t expect to be going anywhere fast with these powerhouses!

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Type 5 Heavy

Let’s start off with the Type 5 Heavy. The Japanese made Tier X tank may take some work to get to, but it’ll be worth it if you’re planning on getting into the depths of the action.

Its firepower (52) and spotting (89) can help you keep your distance, but when the time comes to advance, you can take a hammering with its 97 survivability.

But with a very low 6 for maneuverability, once you commit – don’t expect a quick getaway.

World of tanks best heavy tank
SAYONARA: Run into this tank and it’ll be lights out.

WZ-111 Model 1-4

This Chinese tank (Tier IX) makes the list as it’s surprisingly nimble for a heavy tank.

With maneuverability at 19, this tank can get out of a tricky situation if its 63 survivability score can’t hold up to the bombardment.

Firepower is okay at 39, but using this tank to add some unpredictability on the battlefield wouldn’t be a bad idea.

SPEED DEMON: Enemies won’t get away that easy with this heavy tank

AMX 65 T

This French Tier VIII heavy tank is a great all-rounder, with a solid spotting rating at 62.

With its survivability (53) and firepower (35), the tank can make some decent inroads into the opposition. Its maneuverability (15) also ensures it doesn’t get trapped as easily as other heavy tanks.

With its spotting though, you can choose to stay a little further out and inflict some damage when called for.

ADAPTABLE: Stay further out or head straight into the action, the choice is yours.

Object 705A

The U.S.S.R beast is the ideal heavy tank to assault with. Its survivability is at a staggering 81, and its firepower comes in at 57.

Spotting is also high, at 87, and in terms of maneuverability, it’s still at a respectable 16.

This tier X tank is well worth taking for a ride!

MAKE WAY COMRADES! The enemy won’t know what hit them!


Last but not least comes this versatile UK Tier X tank.

Firepower (51), survivability (77), and spotting (95) make this tank a must-have for those who like to play things on the fly.

If you want, you can head in all guns blazing, and withstand a solid amount of damage in the process. However, if you need to hang back and support, you’ll be able to do so too.

GOOD DAY SIR: Do away with the pleasantries as you charge headfirst into battle

So there are just a few tanks we feel could be in the run for the best tank in WoT.

With so many to choose from and each having their own unique advantage, we imagine everyone’s list will be completely different!

For everything WoT, be sure to check back in with us.

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Ramzi Musa