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Watch Dogs: Legion Reveals Upcoming Multiplayer

Watch Dogs: Legion has had some stumbles that have delayed some features including multiplayer - but a new announcement puts this to rest.

After Update 3.0 implemented some test features for multiplayer in Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft are pushing forward to finally release it.

Here's what we know about Watch Dogs: Legion and its upcoming multiplayer capabilities.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer

Watch Dogs: Legion has brought a revolution to London, but until now, players have had to take this on by themselves.

Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Gameplay Ubisoft
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NEW WORLD: Watch Dogs: Legion levels up massively with multiplayer

Thanks to an upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion update, however, multiplayer is coming!

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Release Date

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer will arrive via an online game mode coming out on Tuesday, 9 March.

Game Mode

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer will come in the form of a new online game mode. This game mode is a standalone with a few differences from the regular game.

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In the game mode, you'll follow along a new story in the same London, with missions and challenges you can take on with friends with co-op gameplay and difficulty to match. Throughout your journey you will level up your own branch of DedSec.

The game mode will also feature seasons with new unique rewards like currencies and cosmetics.

You can watch Ubisoft's newly released Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer gameplay below:

Update 3.0

The most recent Watch Dogs: Legion patch, Update 3.0, planted the seeds for the game's future multiplayer game mode.

Watch Dogs: Legion Gameplay Update 3.0
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TO THE STREETS: Watch Dogs: Legion is wonderfully immersive

This update included plenty of resources to test out the game's multiplayer capabilities - and from the new announcement, it's clear to see that Ubisoft was happy with the results.

While we don't have any news on Update 4.0 just yet - we expect it will be equally massive, so stay tuned to learn more as it arrives!