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Watch Dogs Legion: Latest News - Delayed release date, Cross-generation, Uplay+ & more

With the release of Watch Dogs: Legion expected later this year, we are hyped to discover more and more info on the next title from Ubisoft!

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With many delays there is now no confirmed release date for Watch Dogs Legion, along with little gameplay and details for fans to get their hands on, we are left wondering how and when the game will play.

Read more below regarding the latest information on Watch Dogs: Legion!

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Ubisoft’s plans

Rainbow Six Siege, a 5-year-old game, has recently hit its record player count on steam!

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UBISOFT - From the creators of Assassin's Creed, play Ubisoft'snext triple-A title in 2020!


The main reason this has happened is due to the constant
updates, fixes and new content added to the game alongside addictive
competitive gameplay.

We can hope Ubisoft have looked at Siege’s success and can apply it to other games such as the upcoming Watch Dogs title.

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This could be by constantly trying to fix bugs in the game, an issue that was definitely present in the first two titles, or by adding a more competitive game mode or leader board.

Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed but we can hope Ubisoft is able to create a fun and competitive experience.


There has yet again been another delay to Watch Dogs. We can expect to see Watch Dogs some point during Q2 and Q3 of 2020.

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HACK THE SYSTEM - Take control of London's tech in Watch Dogs Legion!


However, Ubisoft has also stated it will not release in the summer, but it is most likely not to release towards the end of summer either.

This is due to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 being delayed to September, meaning Watch Dogs Legion will need to compete with another massive triple-A title.

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Because of this, we are likely to see the game release some
point in May 2020.

Cross-Generation Play

We have also heard of Cross-Generational play coming to Watch Dogs: Legion.

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CHAOS IN THE CITY - Be the cause of all chaos in Watch Dogs Legion!


This means players can transfer their account from different
systems to continue playing the game at different locations.

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Sadly, this will not include cross-platform play with Xbox and PlayStation. This isn’t a necessary feature for current games but may be expected in the future.


It has also been announced the game will be available on

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UPLAY PLUS - Here's an example of some games you can haveaccess to with Uplay Plus!


This means you can buy 1-month of Uplay+ ($14.99) to try out the game, without having to pay the hefty triple-A price tag of $60.

However, this does mean you don’t own the game so at the end of the month you will have to make the decision of buying the game or letting it go.

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If you want a full rundown of both confirmed and semi-confirmed information, check out this Reddit post here!

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