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Valorant Update Patch 5.01 Leaks: Release Date, Agent Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 brought a lot of changes to Valorant. From a new map to various agent buffs and nerfs, players are overall happy. However, Riot is now trying to get some other changes into agents before Act 2.

The testing for this latest update will go onto their PBE just as every other patch. They are being tested right now to see how they would work in the real game.

At the moment, there are only leaks available for the information. But this particular leaker is known for being correct, so this may be correct.

The Valorant leaks

Multiple tweets have come from the official Twitter account for @ValorLeaks.

KAY/O leaks

With reduced audio for enemies, KAY/O now has a better advantage when re-entering a fight. This provides the element of surprise if the enemy has not heard his revive sound.

Yoru leaks

Yoru has also had some buffs to improve his pick rate in-game. Increasing his ultimate ability from 10 to 12 seconds means that his engages and disengage are better. To simplify, it means that Yoru is gonna be one hell of a slippery agent.

Phoenix leaks

Phoenix's buff means that he is safer when entering a site by himself. The faster equip time means he is ready for the enemies faster and won't be slowed down.

New Valorant voice lines leaks

There are also new voice lines for Phoenix and Raze in-game alongside a removed Killjoy line. Despite the removed voice line, Raze now has an additional 22 new voice lines.

Although the information on the added voice lines has not yet been announced, Riot will look to deepen the lore of Valorant agents and their relationships.

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