Valorant Swiftplay Beta - everything you need to know

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Riot Games have officially announced a new game mode to feature in the next Valorant patch.

Valorant patch 5.12 is bringing some big changes to the game such as a RE//LOAD celebration event, Night Market, and a new game mode.

Swiftplay is only in its beta stage, so Riot is putting it to the public to provide feedback on it.

The release date and some key features of the game mode have now been officially released.

So, let's take a look at what the new Valorant game mode Swiftplay will entail and how players can provide feedback.

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Swiftplay Beta Features

The idea behind this game mode sits in the name... swift.

Swiftplay is a condensed version of Valorant’s standard 5v5 Unrated Spike mode.

For Swiftplay, the first team to 5 rounds is the winner, with a 4 round half, modified econ and bonus structure, as well as sudden death overtime.

Valorant game mode
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The enhanced economy, ability to buy weapons/equipment during a buy phase, and plays on all current Unrated maps.

The goal of this often requested game mode is to offer the core Valorant experience to players who have a lower time commitment.

Or for those who want to get in as many reps during a smaller window.

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Valorant Swiftplay Beta Release Dates

Riot Games have officially revealed the release dates for this new game mode.

It will be released alongside the next patch in Valorant, patch 5.12.

So, the official release date for the game mode will be December 6 2022.

This will be available until January 10 2022. So, for 5 weeks.


Players will be able to report any feedback they have for the game mode directly to Riot Games Valorant team.

It is not sure if there will be any other opportunities to play this game mode before release.

So, make sure you don't miss out!

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