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Valorant Spotlight: Who is Pokimane?

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is an extremely popular Twitch Valorant streamer. She is known as The Queen of Twitch due to her massive number of fans and sponsors.

Her content on her Twitch channel spans from Life is Strange, to Among Us, to Valorant. However, she is well-known for her Valorant streams which bring in lots of fans and subscribers. Despite her fame and popularity, Pokimane has been involved in a number of controversies. These seriously reduced her viewer count.

But, it seems her fans are so loyal they would stick through all of it. So, let's look at Pokimane, her history, early career and streams, and see why she is so popular.

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Pokimane summary

Real name: Imane Anys

Age: 26

Birthday: 14 May 1996

Nationality: Moroccan

Awards: Twitch Streamer of the Year, Streamer Legacy Award, and Best Streamer at the Canadian gamer Awards

Current organisation: N/A, she is not a professional player

Early career

Pokimane created her Twitch account in 2013 and started streaming later that year. Just four years later and she was sitting with 450,000 Twitch followers.

Pokimane Valorant
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To get up to that point, Pokimane surprisingly dropped out of a specialist university degree course. She left her chemical engineering degree to become a full-time streamer. And we guess it paid off!

She now boasts a huge number of followers and fans and has been involved with massive sponsor deals too.

When did Pokimane get popular?

Pokimane has spoken about her popularity before. She has stated that...

"The point at which I really saw myself taking more of a career path with streaming is when I saw sponsorships and brands, in general, come into the space."

This makes sense, as dropping out of university for an unstable career must be very daunting. Twitch has always been an open door for her. So much so that she announced a multi-year exclusivity deal with them. When other streamers such as Ninja left Twitch, Pokimane stayed loyal.

Pokimane Twitch
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In 2018, the streamer also partnered with Twitch to bring a number of events to her fans. This is where her popularity took another steep rise.

Pokimane controversies

Of course, no internet personality is immune to controversies. Additionally, with other personalities such as Keemstar, this threat is doubled.

The most well-known Pokimane scandal is her use of racial slurs. In a stream from a while ago, she used a derogatory and deeply offensive word. This re-surfaced and brought her empire to a halt. She has since addressed this controversy and apologised for it.

Keemstar Twitch
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Pokimane has also been involved with some other issues too. There is a video of her taking some unknown drug through her nose, drama with her boyfriend, and sexual conversations leaked.

Although Pokimane has been involved in these scandals, she is still well-loved. Her presence on the internet is great and she is a very successful woman.

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