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Valorant Sarmad Skin Bundle: Release Date, Price, and More

Valorant is bringing a brand new skin bundle to the Valorant store. The themes of the bundle are Egyptian and Persian inspired and may help agents bring a godly appearance to their games.

Similarly to other free-to-play games, Valorant has a store brimming with purchases for fans. Cosmetic goods are a flex on your enemies as you dominate them in style. The most recent bundle is sure to carry on this tradition.

The detailed weapon skins add richness to the game with the Egyptian decorations. Having this bundle is definitely a way to show off wealth.

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What weapons are in the Sarmad bundle?

There are a total of five weapons included in this skin bundle. Excitingly, this is a bundle which has hit very popular weapons in each category. However, there is a slight difference in the blade skin which brings a new mechanic to the game too.

Here are the weapons included...

  • Frenzy
  • Spectre
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Blade of Serket (Melee)

Dual-wielding Sarmad knives

As mentioned, the Blade of Serket will have an additional upgrade level which brings a new mechanic to the game. Upgrading the weapon will mean that the agent can dual-wielded.

Sarmad Bundle in Valorant
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Holding one knife is badass enough, but double that? And with the new skin? You're going to be one scary foe.

Valorant bundle release date

So far, there is no information on the release date for this bundle. However, it can be guessed at with the removal of the Prelude to Chaos.

Additionally, Prelude to Chaos will leave the Valorant store tomorrow, so July 14 may be the date that the newest bundle will be available for agents.


Similar to the release date, there is no information about the pricing of this bundle. However, a leak on Twitter has been posted by @floxayyy.

The post stated that the gun skins will come in at 1275VP and the blade will be 2550 melee. Overall, the bundle will come to 5,100 VP.

However, it's interesting to note the price of the melee knife. Due to the ability to dual wield, the price is higher than other melee weapon skins in Valorant.

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