Valorant - Riot Games confirm Raze and Killjoy are together

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Valorant developers have made the speculated relationship between Raze and Killjoy canon!

This ship has been speculated since Valorant released some small hints within their lore.

Valorant's community went wild for this pure relationship and there have been numerous pieces of art depicting the two.

However, the official Valorant Twitter shared a wholesome image of the two agents sharing a kiss.

So, let's take a look at how their relationship and coming out have been celebrated by Riot Games and the Valorant community.

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Valorant Official Twitter Announcement

Valorant's official Twitter page shared an image of the two agents kissing in front of a Christmas display.

Support for the duo was high as this post got well over 100,000 likes within the first hour.

This means that this is the first official relationship to be announced by Riot Games.

The diversity of the couple as gay also is a great step toward better representation in the gaming industry.

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Nanobomb History

Players in Valorant are never slow when it comes to deciphering easter eggs or hints.

This was very much the case with Raze and Killjoy too.

Raze and Killjoy in Valorant
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Several Valorant voice lines showed the two in an intimate relationship such as this one...

“Killjoy, after this, you wanna do some… tinkering?” and Raze says tinkering after a brief pause. Killjoy replies, “Sure, but if anything explodes again, you are telling Brim.”

There was also a dating simulator released on April Fools which included Cypher hinting at them dating with a voice line...

“Since you asked, I did see Raze and Killjoy picnicking on the beach. All this dating drama… Good thing I’m married.”

So, it seems pretty clear that this announcement was coming, but the community could not have responded any better to this!

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